Flexible Work Arrangements Nurture a Positive Culture

A women sits at her computer while on a remote conference call with other coworkers

For many organizations, the way we work has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Remote and hybrid work arrangements are taking center stage. As we explore the evolution of remote work and its impact on productivity, it has become apparent that positive company culture and flexibility in how we work plays a crucial role…

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6 Tips to Engage Top Talent & Make Them Stick

top talent

Top Talent is hard to find. As an HR professional, hiring manager, or operations leader—chances are you are feeling the squeeze from employees quitting their jobs, retiring early, or branching out on their own. In fact, a whopping 40% of the global workforce say they might leave their current roles and even switch industries. Some…

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Engineering Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment

Two Businesspeople Talking With Each Other

Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment: What’s the Difference? You need to hire an engineer. Who do you call? Well, it depends. If you are looking for a short-term fix, call a talent recruiter. If you want a long-term hire, contact a talent acquisition partner. Recruitment is about quickly filling positions while talent acquisition is a proactive,…

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DISHER Talent Solutions Wins Best of RPO Provider for 2022

Best of RPO Graphic

In 2010, a DISHER customer switched gears on me. Instead of asking for the usual contract engineer to keep their project moving forward, they asked me if I would recruit an entire team of engineers as direct hires! Say what?! They were launching a new plant and needed to find quality people—and fast. This customer…

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Is Your Corporate Mission Just Lip Service? How to Build a Culture by Design

Building a Culture by Design™ I’ve worked in some awesome companies— collaborative, educational, challenging, and most of all… fun! The best jobs have always had the best people. I’ve also worked in some not-so-great environments— political, demanding (in that “oh no – what are they making me do now” kind-of way), deceptive, and profit-at-all-costs thinking…

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An Integrative Approach to Talent Solutions

What Makes DISHER Different Six years ago Jeff Disher, our CEO, came to me asking if I could help a customer ramp up a new plant. I responded, “Absolutely— yes!” We created a recruitment process that was different from the norm. It was highly-collaborative and strategic. We worked with this organization for two years and…

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