An Integrative Approach to Talent Solutions

What Makes DISHER Different

Six years ago Jeff Disher, our CEO, came to me asking if I could help a customer ramp up a new plant. I responded, “Absolutely— yes!” We created a recruitment process that was different from the norm. It was highly-collaborative and strategic. We worked with this organization for two years and filled over 50 roles across the globe. It was a blast learning a new technical industry and working side-by-side a DISHER engineering counterpart who was there assisting with the advanced manufacturing activities in the plant. That’s how DISHER Talent Solutions began. We developed a product companies were craving. A real partnership, and ultimately a cost-saving approach to the traditional contingency model.

Why should an organization hire a Talent Solutions company like DISHER? Why not a contingency recruiter? I can tell you from personal experience. Several years ago, I was a contingency recruiter. After 10 years of walking in those shoes, it didn’t feel right— it felt shallow. Contingency recruiters only get paid when they find a person. It usually doesn’t serve the company or the candidate well. For me, it was important that DISHER’s approach was one I could believe in. At DISHER we use a technically-integrative, long-term approach to Talent Solutions verses a short-term fix.

A Great Fit for Companies and Candidates

A Great Fit for Companies and Candidates

When an organization comes to DISHER to attract and retain new employees, the first thing the DISHER Talent Solutions team does is meet and interview the company. Whenever possible, we tour their facilities and get to know the people that work there. We gain an understanding of their culture, values, and priorities. We invest time up-front to build a relationship with the stakeholders and make every attempt to get the right employees for the right fit. DISHER strives to understand the big picture of the organization. A contingency recruiter may do some of these things but not usually.

Our Talent Solutions team not only seeks a great fit from the company’s perspective but also from the aspect of the candidate. We want the best match possible for the candidate in terms of culture and position to prevent turnover. We recruit with integrity and have the best interest of the candidate and customer in mind. We get to know our candidates as people not pawns to be traded. Our experienced interviewers ask insightful questions as to what motivates that candidate to perform. We don’t hide employee contact information— there’s no reason to. Our customers are partners.

A Technically Integrative Approach

A Technically-Integrative Approach

DISHER is distinctly different because we have a technically-integrative approach. DISHER is also a product development firm. We employ 160-qualified experts including Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, CPAs, Manufacturing Engineeers, Six Sigma Black Belts, Industrial Designers, and others to assist companies in candidate calibration and interviewing for certain skillsets. We understand technical positions. It’s in our DNA. A customer doesn’t get just one recruiter but a full team of support. We also have the ability to offer one of our specialists to meet immediate staffing needs while we look for the best overall fit for an organization. Often customers ask us for an employee who can “hit the ground running”. We have technical mentors to help train new employees and get them up to speed quickly saving a manager’s valuable time. We also have a database full of thousands of vetted, technical specialists to draw upon.

A Consultative, Team Approach

A Consultative, Team Approach

As our Talent Solutions team continues to grow, we hire people that enjoy building relationships. It’s a collaborative effort. We communicate often with our customers providing constant feedback and accurate data to help them make informed decisions. When you work with as many engineers as I do, you learn fast that data speaks volumes. We work within our client’s systems and our robust system. It helps significantly with the vetting process and enables us to make quality recommendations both now and in the future. We become an extension of our customer’s team not only with recruiting needs but also with training, on-boarding, and culture building if needed. We understand when our customers succeed—we succeed.

A contingency recruiter usually works solo even though they share an office space with other recruiters. They are often under pressure to earn their commission, time is money. Contrast this with DISHER. Clients receive an entire team of Talent Engineers who are all focused on their specific requirements. We’re unified. We work together to seek the best solution for each situation. There’s no competition between peers, no quotas, no agendas, and NO commission. We currently employ a team of 20 Talent Engineers from three offices in Michigan and Indiana. We freely share candidates, opportunities, and information. It’s not about our individual agendas— it’s about quality, long-term solutions, and the relationship. This approach actually saves time and money and the results are better.

An Opportunity to Build Your Talent Brand

An Opportunity to Build Your Talent Brand

A company’s brand is valuable. It’s who you are, what you want to be, and what your customers expect to receive. It takes years of intentional time and effort to develop. A talent brand is an asset that needs to be promoted and protected. If a candidate has a positive experience during the recruiting process— it reflects back positively on that company in terms of more referrals and more success to the company’s bottom line. An employee engagement process can either help or hurt a company. DISHER has the experience and professionalism to be trusted as a positive extension of our client’s brand. Beyond recruiting, we can survey an organization’s team and share data to help them understand their current brand position. We analyze the feedback and if needed recommend various tools to help rebuild or reshape a brand.

DISHER supports a variety of organizations with their talent branding through culture-building, organizational development, and leadership training. It’s not just about plugging in great people. It’s an integrative approach that is long-term and strategic. As a nationally-recognized workplace by FORTUNE and Great Place To Work®, DISHER has a wealth of first-hand knowledge and materials to share. A thriving culture has a direct impact on a company’s performance. When employees feel like their work has meaning within a collaborative community that is investing in their professional development, they’re Ripples of Influence is far-reaching.

If your company is looking for more than just a run-and-gun contingency recruiter, partner with DISHER’s Talent Solution team to attract and retain top employees who will be a great fit for the long haul. We’re different and we know it. With years of industry experience, I often say, “I would gladly put the Talent Engineers I work with right alongside the best in the business!” Partnership, integrity, and lasting results— that’s DISHER Talent Solutions.

Written By: Keri McCarthy | Business Lead – Talent Solutions
Keri is an expert in staffing management. She has over 18 years of experience in talent branding, talent selection, process implementation, talent related problem solving and reorganizing business units. Keri has worked in a variety of industries to assist companies in acquiring top talent as well as develop a solid infrastructure. She is also the instigator of office nerf wars!