Hardware and Software Solutions

Innovate for a Connected World

Fully-integrated design and systems development

As the world advances in digital and connected technologies, stay ahead of the curve with DISHER. Our specialists are equipped to design and develop the hardware, software, and electronics solutions that will keep you ahead of the pack.

Advanced Technical Talent

Three ways our electronics team can help move your project forward.

Flexible Specialists
Contract the specific skills you need for as long as you need them. We have over 100 engineers ready to help you finish your projects quickly and successfully.

Project Teams
Maybe you need an entire cross-functional team to manage and execute an entire project. DISHER brings deep and diverse expertise in several industries.

Direct Hires
Our technical recruiters can help your HR team find, vet, and hire the right engineers and technical specialists saving you valuable time and money.

What our team can do for you:

  • Systems Design
  • IoT Development
  • Software, Firmware, and UI Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Prototyping and Enclosure Design
  • Controls and Automation
  • Verification and Bench Testing
  • Customized Consumer Prototypes

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