Solutions and Capabilities

Electronic Design Services

Design and develop complete electronics solutions (software and hardware) with quality and speed to keep your company ahead of the curve.

Fully Integrated Electronic Product Design & Development

Systems Design

Tap into our cross-functional, nationally recognized expertise to develop an entire mechatronics (mechanical and electronics) system, from initial concept design to manufacturing and certification. DISHER’s in-house capabilities accelerate your design process while reducing lead times and costs.

  • Electronics Requirements Capture & Vetting
  • Electronics Architecture & Design
  • Electronics System Interfaces/Boundaries
  • Electronics System Verification
A overhead shot of an engineering working on electronics systems design
Women smiling while using a digital tablet in her home

IoT Development

We define and architect seamless IoT solutions that flow from physical devices all the way through the digital space back to the user. From the edge device’s firmware, into the cloud, and into the mobile software, DISHER uses industry-best practices to bring your IoT devices to life.

  • IoT Development Services
  • Cloud Services Implementation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Product/Hardware Development
  • Solutions Architecture

Software Design

Whether you need a front-end, back-end, database, or server solution, DISHER delivers innovative software designs. We can write simple or complex code applications to work with a spectrum of operating systems. We develop mobile and wearable apps, desktop software, web, and cloud-based solutions for a diverse set of industries. We can do it all or help you develop your own software solutions with our consulting services.

Our team can guide you through each stage of software development, from ideation through launch.

  • Mobile & Web Apps
  • Database Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • IoT Software Development
  • Full Stack Software Solutions

Firmware Design

Choose the right firmware strategies to support your software projects for optimal performance. Our specialists stay on the cutting edge of technology while remaining current with coding and security best practices so we can jump right into the design process with you. We ensure our architecture can be easily updated or reused for your next generation of devices.

Our firmware designers can help you with the following:

  • Embedded Firmware Design
  • Multi-Platform Frameworks
  • Embedded Linux, Yocto
  • Free RTOS, Custom RTOS
  • Custom Bootloaders
An electronics engineer soldering a PCB board

UI/UX Design

User experience is a foundational aspect to the success of digital products. At DISHER, we focus on optimizing the interaction between users and software. Our process begins with user research and analysis. We then employ personas, journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing to ensure the design creates a positive user experience.

We can then build upon that research to create visually appealing designs, layouts, interactions, and styles based on the user’s requirements and interaction specifications.

We apply human-centered design methods and strategies to ensure high-quality outcomes tailored around the user’s needs.

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Web/Mobile App Design
  • Web Design
  • Controls Design
Close Up of a washing machine interface
PCB hardware board

PCB Hardware Design

DISHER provides world-class hardware solutions for a variety of circuit types. Our experience, tools, and proven design processes fuse together to create circuit designs, PCB layouts, and simulations/models that exceed customer expectations.

  • Circuit Design & Schematic Capture
  • Circuit Simulations, WCCA, Modeling, EMC Mitigation
  • Wired/Wireless Communication Protocols
  • SMPS & Linear Power Supply Design
  • IoT Edge Devices
  • I/O, Sensors, Displays, Audio, & LED/Lighting Control

Prototyping & Enclosure Design

Customers value our full spectrum of prototyping services to help validate ideas and gather important user feedback. From production-intent electronics prototypes to full-production tooling and drawings with complete electronics packaging, prototyping is a cost-effective way to test, iterate, and vet designs before making final investments.

Types of prototyping include the following:

  • Breadboard Electronics Prototypes
  • Functional Electronics Prototypes (PCBs)
  • Mechanical Enclosures
  • Bracketing
  • Mounting
  • Harnessing
  • Lensing
Two electronics engineers working on wiring a prototype
Controls Cabinet

Controls & Automation

Through cross-functional expertise, we can help support and design control systems including but not limited to motor, LED/lighting, motion, and automation/sensing control for both embedded products and manufacturing systems.

  • Control Panel & Cabinet Design
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Harness Designs
  • Sensor Implementation
  • Embedded Algorithm Development
  • Connectivity

Verification & Bench Testing

Do you need engineering-level testing for your product designs? We perform system and circuit-level troubleshooting, functional testing, and environmental testing to help mitigate risk. We also work with an extensive network of pre-compliance labs to verify designs against applicable ISO, IEC, FCC, UL, and individual customer specifications in a variety of industries.

DISHER can provide these services to keep your project moving forward.

  • Root-Cause Identification
  • Lighting Analysis & Measurements
  • LabView Programming, VI Development
  • Data Acquisition Design
  • Test Box / EOL / Functional
  • Thermal Chamber Testing
  • EMC/EMI Mitigation
  • Reverse Engineering
Thermal testing of products


DISHER has such a broad range of electronics capabilities. After working with their team…it’s clear they know what they’re doing.

― Global Manufacturer of Office Furniture

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