Our vision is to leave the world better than we found it through integral relationships and innovative solutions with our customers, coworkers, and communities.

Jeff Disher sitting at a desk on his first day of work

Making a Positive Difference Since 2000

After 11 years in automotive engineering, Jeff Disher started to dream about what it might be like to operate an engineering firm that truly made a difference. He was looking for a greater purpose.

In January of 2000, with a young family at home, Jeff took that chance. He set up his card table, plugged in his computer, and went to work in an office in Zeeland, Michigan. DISHER was born.

From day one, the mission of DISHER has been to Make a Positive Difference. “I’ve always wanted our customers to sleep well at night knowing their project is in great hands,” comments Jeff.

Top Engineering & Technical Talent

From a one-man operation, DISHER has grown to an award-winning team of 130+ core team members and over 70 experts in our extended network.

We provide top talent in engineering, advanced product development, electronics, manufacturing tech, automation, and talent solutions.

We are innovative problem solvers who develop custom solutions for a variety of clients within a diverse set of industries throughout the United States with footprints around the world.

“I’ve always wanted our customers to sleep well at night knowing their project is in great hands.”

Jeff Disher | Founder of DISHER

A group of DISHER employees volunteering at Community Action House

Our Why

Our Mission Impacts How We Work

Every day we strive to:

  1. Assist our customers and coworkers to achieve their vision and mission.
  2. Be the best choice in quality, delivery, and cost.
  3. Be a positive example of business ethics and responsibility for everyone involved with us.
  4. Provide employment opportunities that are challenging, exciting, and rewarding.
  5. Exhaust our innovation in services and product design.
  6. Be a vehicle of service to those in need in the community.

Our Work

What We Do

To thrive in our ever-changing world, organizations must explore fresh ideas and new strategies to stay relevant. Relying on what has worked in the past is not sustainable—DISHER can help.

We come alongside to help move organizations forward with innovative solutions that create lasting impact and returns. Sometimes our clients need one expert to fill in a gap while others need an entire team to complete a project.

Customers value our cross-functional expertise, knuckle-down work ethic, and positive energy. Trust DISHER to help solve your latest challenge.

A man sits at a desk and is soldering a piece of wire to a PCB board

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