We started our journey in Talent Solutions out of a need to change the way recruitment was being handled. The industry standard was not working. There were too many wrongs happening time and time again—hiring the wrong person, for the wrong position, at the wrong time was costing organizations a lot of money. The hiring strategy we chose was a major paradigm shift in the recruiting industry. We asked ourselves, “Why should customers pay us a big fee after we place someone? When instead, we could come alongside a hiring manager and they could pay us to become entrenched in their organization for significant long-term paybacks.”

How did we help customers transition to this better way of hiring? We committed to bringing the skills and tools to the table that they needed. We started by learning about their culture, sharing agile talent data, providing them expert knowledge, and sharing proven tools—all while saving them money and hiring people that would stick around. Our partners have loved the shift.

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If you’re an HR Professional, Operations Manager, Finance Director, or Engineering Leader you might be thinking, “Why should I outsource hiring when someone on my team can handle it?” Here’s why. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Partner will decrease your hiring costs and help your team perform at an even higher level. An RPP becomes an extension of your team; one who is fully committed to your long-term success not a short-term need.


An RPP brings knowledge and tools that will quickly and efficiently compliment your team’s current pressing recruiting demands. The responsibilities of HR professionals are constantly changing and often overwhelming especially in tight labor markets. RPO brings huge relief to HR teams because an RPP can solely focus on attracting, vetting, and delivering top candidates. The quality of service, expertise, strategies, and tools of an RPP will not only get you the right talent but more value for your entire organization. RPPs bring proven, measurable, long-term value.


Here are five reasons why outsourcing your hiring efforts is a smart move:

+ Hire Top 3 Candidates

RPP users are likely to hire the actual top three candidates 1.8X more than traditional methods.

+ Lower Recruitment Costs

While the initial investment may be 1.2X, there is a 3-4X value benefit long term because of increased tenure, lower turnover, and operational efficiencies.

+ Increase Employee Tenure

RPPs outperform all other recruiting strategies in employee retention. Retention is 1.6X better than other methods.

+ Reduce Employee Turnover

Turnover is reduced by 50% with an RPP. RPPs look beyond the initial hiring need. They look at both the candidate’s and the organization’s long-term future needs and goals. Hiring and training costs are reduced.

+ Improve Scalability and Flexibility

RPPs can help you as your strategy changes. They help mitigate the risk involved in scaling up and scaling down effectively and efficiently.


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How Do I Know Which RPP is Right for My Team?

Selecting the right RPP will be the difference maker in your long-term talent strategy. Begin by talking to your peers and interviewing your options. Listen to what they have to offer. Do you feel comfortable being transparent with them? Do you trust them? Alignment in culture and goals are critical because it’s a two-way partnership. Look for an RPP who will appreciate your unique size, growth trajectory, and/or global needs. Work with those who bring significant expertise and knowledge along with best-practice tools and processes for the long haul.

The world of recruiting is changing for the better—it’s less transactional and more strategic. My hope for your organization is that you’ll consider trying a Recruitment Process Partner and see how it goes to work for you. And if you’re still unsure, watch this quick video to learn a little more about the benefits of an RPO. 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner: A Benefit for Your Business

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