Stewardship Brings Purpose

December is Stewardship month at DISHER! Stewardship is one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. If you were sitting in our company’s all-team meeting last Friday, you would have heard Kimberly and Chuck share why we embrace stewardship and stories of how we live it out— not just in December but throughout the year. One of the…

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How Will You Play Your Hand?

DISHER employee helping in food pantry

  Good Stewardship is a Win-Win A Core Culture Characteristic at DISHER December is our month for highlighting Stewardship at DISHER. It’s one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. Every December we talk about what it is, why we do it, and the many ways in which we can carry it out in our lives throughout…

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The Power of the Checklist

Checklist with pencil on yellow background

Relying on Memory is a Bad Strategy I’ve read a number of blogs and articles recently that have had titles like these: “Embracing Failure”, “Learning from our Failures”, “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap”, and so on. All were making the point that failure is a good thing from which we grow and learn. We are often…

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Get More Hits in Product Development

A baseball player up to bat

As the owner of a product development firm, I often receive calls that go something like this, “We have this idea for a new product, but we’re not sure how to get it developed— can you help us?” As the conversation continues, I sense that they think their idea is a big winner… and visions…

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Product Constraints Can be the Catalyst to a Great Design

Process flowchart of product development

In the world of design and engineering, product requirements (also called constraints) can often feel like restraints to our creativity and ability to design a great product or solution. We’ve all experienced the feeling of frustration when a constraint has kept us from implementing a good solution— sometimes literally by only tenths of a millimeter.…

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Where to Draw the Line on Scope Creep

Project planning gantt chart

  Where to Draw the Line Scope creep is creepy. It is subtle and can sneak up on your project like an undetected cancer that eats away your profits. It can also ruin your customer’s experience with your company if it’s not handled well. A classic example is a home builder who does not tell…

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How to Handle Your Mistakes with Customers


  No matter how hard we try to avoid making them, mistakes eventually find a path to our doorstep. Often times they sneak in through the back door and try to steal our reputation that we have worked so hard to build with our customers. We can be certain that mistakes will happen. We are…

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