March 24, 2020

To Our Customers,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that DISHER qualifies as an “Essential Business” per Michigan Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order EO 2020-21 (COVID-19). We currently serve essential industries and their supply chains as identified in the executive order including medical, healthcare, agriculture, food and beverage, sanitation, and others.

The DISHER team continues to support businesses effectively from remote locations at home or, if necessary, safely on location. Each DISHER teammate can provide a letter authorizing them as an essential employee for your organization if it qualifies as an essential business. This enables them to support a business from home, our office, or on-site as long as it is a safe environment adhering to social-distancing protocols.

If your business qualifies as an essential business under this executive order and you have questions on how to safely secure support for your organization, please contact Keri McCarthy, DISHER Business Lead of Talent Solutions at 616-560-7176 or

We care about you and we are here for you during this challenging time. Let’s stay safe and productive as we navigate through this together.


Kind Regards,