December is Stewardship month at DISHER! Stewardship is one of our 12 Culture Characteristics. If you were sitting in our company’s all-team meeting last Friday, you would have heard Kimberly and Chuck share why we embrace stewardship and stories of how we live it out— not just in December but throughout the year. One of the quotes they shared was from Tom Krause, “Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have.” 

Our 12 Culture Characteristics12 Culture Characteristics

DISHER reviews a Culture Characteristics each month of the year.

Real fulfillment occurs when we give of our talents, time, or treasures. But it’s not the reason we practice stewardship. We do it to help others— to help make this world a better place. It’s wired in each one of us.

As we head into the Christmas season, consider all that you have. Especially ponder the non-financial gifts you can give like your attention, your appreciation, and your talents…. How can you freely share those with others around you in the year to come?

Hand to Hand Stewardship

 The DISHER team packs snack items for Hand2Hand at an all-team offsite event.

In the working world, we all want our labor to feel like more than just a transaction of our time in exchange for a paycheck; otherwise, it’s just a job. Your work can be a place of stewardship as well. Do something extra for someone to make their day easier. Share your appreciation with a co-worker when they’ve done something great. Wipe up around the coffee pot when no one is looking. Stewardship gives us all purpose and action in contributing to the greater good in our work and in our world. Exercise your stewardship purpose and begin Making a Positive Difference for others with it. Start today and don’t stop.

To learn more about developing your mission and values, or building a culture by design— contact DISHER. We welcome the opportunity to come alongside your team and help you make this world a better place.


Written By: Jeff Disher, President

Jeff is the Founder and President of DISHER. He brings close to three decades of new product development knowledge with experience in program management, product design, manufacturing, quality, training, and development. He received a BS from Hope College and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Jeff is a certified Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan. He and his family enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.