Why Hire an Engineering Consultant?

Machine Designer pointing to design on computer

What Is an Engineering Consultant? Engineering consultants bring technical skills, experience, training, and industry knowledge to manufacturers and other businesses to help solve problems in an optimal way. Hiring an engineering consultant can boost your innovation, productivity, and profitability in significant ways. What Engineering Consultants Can Bring to Your Project Experience Look to partner with…

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The 7 Stages of a New Product Development Life Cycle

Product Development Process Graphic

A new product development life cycle is a systematic approach used to guide the development and launch of new products. It is a roadmap that outlines the various stages a product goes through from user understanding to launch. The human-centered product development life cycle that DISHER employs includes stages like user research, idea generation, concept…

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DISHER Acquires Leading by DESIGN

DISHER + Leading By Design

Making West MI Stronger by Developing Leaders Worth Following Zeeland, Michigan—DISHER, a business consulting, engineering, manufacturing tech, and talent recruitment firm based in Zeeland, Michigan, announces the purchase of Leading by DESIGN, a leader-development organization with offices in Zeeland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The transaction will be effective on April 3, 2023. Leading by DESIGN…

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Product Design Constraints Open the Door to Innovation

Design Constraints Open Door to Creativity with bricks

What Are Design Constraints? Product design constraints are limitations, rules, or boundaries on the design of a product. Examples of constraints could be a budget, a brand guideline, or a legal restriction. The word “constraint” definitely has a negative connotation. Some product developers view design constraints in a bad light because they feel like they’re…

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Product Development with Meaning

Two engineers working on food processing machine

GTF – Good for the earth, good for people, and good for business. Have you ever been introduced to a new product concept and come away thinking, “Wow—what an amazing idea! This could make a huge impact in our world. I really hope they succeed.” As a product development firm, DISHER is always excited to…

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The Goal of Value Engineering and Value Analysis

Two Engineers Looking at a Computer

The Difference Between Value Analysis and Value Engineering Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) are systematic processes that optimize the value of a product or service by lowering costs and increasing benefits. Value Engineering is applied at the beginning of the product development process during the design stage, while Value Analysis is performed after a…

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New Product Front-End Design Process in 12 Steps

Front End Design Process

What is the Front-End Engineering Design Process? For new product development, the front-end engineering design process helps organizations create, vet, and develop the best ideas. Several refer to this as the Fuzzy Front End of product development because it is often the least defined stage of product development. A proven design process will help bring…

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It’s Time to Develop Your Industrial IoT Strategy

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing the world of manufacturing at a pace that continues to escalate. As a manufacturer, maybe you haven’t had the bandwidth or resources to do a deep dive into IIoT. Perhaps you feel paralyzed as to the best way to move forward. After all, IIoT is a complex…

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PRESS RELEASE: DISHER appoints Joe Dyer as New President

Jeff Disher and Joe Dyer

DISHER—an innovative engineering, manufacturing, and talent solutions firm based in Zeeland, Michigan, announces today that Joe Dyer has been selected as the new President of the company. Dyer will succeed Jeff Disher and assume his new responsibilities on January 1, 2022. Jeff Disher, Founder and current President, will continue to play a strategic role at…

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