What Is an Engineering Consultant?

Engineering consultants bring technical skills, experience, training, and industry knowledge to manufacturers and other businesses to help solve problems in an optimal way. Hiring an engineering consultant can boost your innovation, productivity, and profitability in significant ways.

What Engineering Consultants Can Bring to Your Project


Look to partner with consultants who have proven experience with a wide set of clients in a broad range of industries. Every project an engineer works on will expand their warehouse of knowledge and capability. Each problem generates unique solutions that are springboards that lead to even higher levels of performance. A seasoned engineer will enhance innovative thinking and enable quicker problem solving for your organization.

Specific Skills and Expertise

Engineering consultants help you fill in any skills gaps with what you need to move forward. Often companies don’t have the resources or time to hire and train an employee with the expertise needed. Maybe your team needs a controls engineer, a software engineer, or an additional mechanical engineer to come alongside your team. Engineering consultants save manufacturers time and money by getting teams unstuck. Engineering consultants can help your team with new product development, updated manufacturing processes and machines, automation integration, factory layouts, and more.

Fresh and Creative Ideas

Every manufacturing organization needs an outside spark from time-to-time to inspire change, continuous improvement, and innovation. Maybe you need to bring some new products or features to market. Perhaps your manufacturing systems are antiquated, and you need to integrate some automation. Maybe you need to conduct new research on your users to understand their current needs. Good engineering consultants get to know you and your pain points and look for innovative ways to optimize your people, products, and processes for higher performance. 


Effective engineering consultants collaborate with your team and key stakeholders to develop revolutionary solutions that will take you where you need to go. Cross-functional collaboration on projects with diversity of thought typically nurtures higher levels of innovation. We have noticed that effective collaboration often needs a Project Manager to facilitate discussions so all ideas and viewpoints are heard, and teams can be united in objectives and direction.

Two women draw their ideas on a whiteboard

Benefits of Engineering Consulting Services

Save Money

Many organizations are completely unaware of the resources that are being wasted with their current systems and processes. Sometimes projects have come to a complete standstill preventing you from competing in the market or fixing a quality problem. Engineering consultants can help you move forward with improved product/feature designs, updated machine designs, efficient assembly lines, automation integration solutions, and continuous improvement training to reduce waste while improving quality and performance.

Reduce Risk

Engineering consultants can reduce the amount of risk associated with product development. By using experienced engineers, designers, and specialists to vet, test, and validate concepts and designs, the likelihood of redesign or rework is reduced. Experienced industrial and manufacturing engineers can also reduce the risk involved with launch and manufacturing new products or features with proven tools, training, and processes that are tested properly.

Meet Deadlines

Engineering consultants are focused on delivering what you need when you need it. Professional engineers and project managers can manage your complex projects and cross-functional teams with clear communication and deadlines built into the process. Often engineering consultants must minimize scope creep, manage changes and resource delays, and make difficult decisions to keep projects on time. When deadlines are met, time and money are saved, and your profitability increases.

Add Flexibility

Engineering consultants add flexibility to your team. By hiring the engineering skills you need for the period of time you need them, you avoid the long-term costs and benefits associated with a full-time hire. It enables teams to add or reduce the engineering consultants they need based on the project at hand. You only pay for the expertise you need to get your project done. This frees up the rest of your team to focus on other areas of your business that may need attention at the same time.

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Engineering Consulting Services from DISHER

DISHER engineers are exceptionally skilled at what they do. We’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of projects, from helping to develop anti-crash aviation technology to reducing scrap material waste from a manufacturing assembly line by 95%. We want to come alongside your team and help you succeed. In addition to implementing innovative engineering solutions, our professional engineering consultants are a pleasure to work with. We won’t rest until your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

Flexible Specialists

What type of skill set do you need to keep your engineering projects on track? DISHER has a variety of engineers to keep you ahead of the pack including engineering designers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, software/hardware engineers, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, and more. Our knowledge in prototyping, concept development, testing, CAD, robotics, hardware and software design, value engineering and analysis, prototyping, and product development exceeds that of most industry professionals.

We can help design and develop products from every industry, from gear shifters and medical devices to furniture lines and autonomous agricultural robots. Creating award-winning designs that look good and work well excites our teams. We want to optimize the user experience with you. World-class manufacturers that require high quality, reliability, and tight regulatory controls can count on our engineering consulting firm to deliver.

Project Teams

Do you need an entire cross-functional team to move a project or product forward? DISHER works with manufacturers in need of a large team of engineering specialists to complete complex projects on time. These projects typically include a DISHER program or project manager to coordinate teams and efforts in the right direction and ensure requirements, deadlines, and budgets are achieved.

Direct Hires

Another service we offer organizations is engineering recruiting. Because we are an engineering firm, we understand the types of people you need, and we know how to vet them. Using our extensive network of connections and our database of engineering candidates, we find top talent who will also fit your culture. Whether you need an operations manager, mechanical engineer, or controls engineer, our talent recruiters are the best-in-the-business when it comes to attracting and vetting engineering and technical talent.

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Get Engineering Consulting for Your Next Project

If you need engineering services, get in touch with the DISHER team. Let us know how we can help you meet your goals. Any questions you may have, we will gladly answer. Let’s get started!