Design & Development Engineering of Full-Brim, Safety Helmet

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Problem Statement

HexArmor, a manufacturer of high-performance personal protection equipment (PPE), sought DISHER for help with a new product development project.

Specifically, HexArmor needed design engineering skills, plastic part experience, and project management leadership to launch a new full-brim safety helmet.

Build & Verify

During the front end of the design process, HexArmor was working with an engineering and innovation firm and a local injection molder and tool shop. DISHER provided Project Management support to ensure all parties were leveraging their strengths and communicating well.

DISHER engineers took the concept-level CAD and updated the designs to make them tool-ready for production. During the process, DISHER provided timely feedback from a holistic perspective in terms of making the desired design fit and form, achieving the target price point, and ensuring production feasibility.

DISHER engineers worked to integrate two different helmet suspension systems, one of which was HexArmor’s brand new Kinetix® technology. The design met the testing requirements for both suspension system options.

DISHER also facilitated several group discussions to address desired functional and design aspects of the end product. DISHER provided HexArmor with the expertise and momentum needed to work through some challenging decisions to achieve a smooth launch.

Construction worker wearing a HexArmor helmet

Reactions & Final Product

HexArmor met its design, pricing, and manufacturability objectives with DISHER. They successfully launched their new full-brim safety helmet (Ceros® XP300) to their line of world-class safety solutions.

“With DISHER’s expertise and unwavering commitment, HexArmor has forged a pinnacle of innovation with our world-class, full-brim safety helmet. Guided by DISHER’s skilled hands, we engineered with precision and timeliness, earning resounding approval from our customers as we proudly launch into the market.”

Todd Conn
Vice President of Business Development | HexArmor

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