Design-for-Manufacturing Drawings for Motorcycle Components

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Problem Statement

Buell, a game-changing manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles, came to DISHER for support in finalizing the design for manufacturing for several of their custom components. As a growing leader in the powersports industry, Buell needed to augment their engineering team to reach their launch objectives on their new Super Cruiser. The Super Cruiser plans to go into production in 2025.

“Working with DISHER has completely changed my mind about contract engineers. We brought DISHER in to do a very specific task: create 100+ drawings to enable our purchasing team to work in parallel with our design team and shorten overall project duration. What happened is DISHER cranked out over 160 drawings, helped clean up and generate CAD, and added extra value by developing manufacturing of composite design templates for the future. They have performed way above and beyond my expectations and have provided great conversations while doing so!”

—Matt Laurent | Engineering Leader at Buell Motorcycle

Design and Develop

Buell contracted three DISHER product development engineers to work on-site with their engineering team to update, edit, and finalize the design and development of several custom components. Buell looked to DISHER for best-practice part development and integration along with efficient, accurate drawings and documentation.

Buell motorcycle in the woods


DISHER engineers provided Buell with approximately 100 design-for-manufacturing component drawings in a five-week period. Buell valued the speed, quality, and quantity of work accomplished. As a two extra things for Buell, DISHER created 15 to 20 templates based on manufacturing methods for the Buell engineering team to use in the development of future components to drive greater efficiencies. Buell is poised with the parts and prototypes to manufacture-at-scale and reach their launch objectives with their new Super Cruiser.

“The three DISHER engineers who worked with us have been a great addition to the Buell team. The speed in which they created over 100 engineering drawings for us allowed us to quickly reach out to suppliers for quoting/feedback and keep our tight timeline on track. In addition, each DISHER engineer brought their own experience/specialty to the table to elevate our part designs with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes.”

—Sean Eurich | Sr. CAD Designer at Buell Motorcycle

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