Medical Powered-Stair-Chair Development

EngineeringProduct Design & Development

Problem Statement

Our client partnered with DISHER to help bring their new emergency evacuation chair from concept-to-reality through engineering development, prototyping, validation testing, and pre- and post-production manufacturing.

Ideate and Design

DISHER collaborated with our client’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams with onsite and offsite support throughout every phase of the new product development life cycle.

EMT rolling an innovative medical chair

Build and Verify

DISHER’s cross-functional engineering team integrated with our client’s team to solve several challenges together. Specifically, DISHER worked on the folding and track-deploy kinematics, materials evaluation, powertrain assembly and housing design, casting design, structural FEA and simulation, prototype builds. We also worked with our client to determine the most efficient manufacturing and assembly-line processes. We continue to do value analysis work to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Reactions and Final Product

Our customer was excited to launch its first powered stair chair with increased safety and comfort for patients and EMT workers. The product has been a great success in the marketplace; it is making our world a better place.

EMT using an innovative medical chair to bring a patient downstairs

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