Reducing Food Waste with a Drying and Milling System

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The Problem

Over 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year. Approximately half of all fruits and vegetables are wasted each year representing enough food to feed 811 million unnourished people in our world two times over and ~one-trillion dollars. GTF is working to remove the costs and problems of moving waste into landfills with a system to upcycle products.

GTF came to DISHER for engineering improvements in the design and development of their RENU Drying and Milling system intended to reduce food waste while improving the environment and profitability of their customers.

Two engineers working on food processing machine

The Solution

DISHER engineers partnered with GTF engineers on new feature design and development (patents pending) to optimize the drying and milling processes. DISHER assisted with CAD drawings, ancillary equipment design, system testing, and innovative problem-solving.

GTF’s patent-pending RENU™ Drying and Milling System.
Powered Foods

The Results

The GTF team was grateful for the patent-pending improvements made to their RENU system, and DISHER was thrilled to work on this project that directly aligns with our mission and vision. GTF hopes to launch its system soon with large-scale farms, food processors, beer breweries (spent grain), hemp farms (bioplastics and biocomposites), large post-consumer food waste producers, and large-scale composters. A variety of end customers will be able to incorporate RENUE to repurpose their byproducts and food assets into profit-making income and/or charitable donations to make a positive difference in our world.

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