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Automation in Manufacturing

Automate your processes to increase capacity and reduce costs which in return creates increased productivity and a higher ROI.


What is Manufacturing Automation?

Manufacturers are focused on implementing several types of automated systems (robotics, AI, computers, and IT) that require minimal human interaction to accomplish tasks with higher levels of quality, speed, safety, and flexibility.

By automating manufacturing processes within material handling, assembly, production, and inspection—manufacturers can increase their capacity and reduce their costs for increased productivity and a higher ROI.

Why choose disher?

Benefits of Automation

Are you interested in making automation a priority? There are many compelling reasons why you may want to explore how automation could transform your plant.

Types of Automation Services at DISHER

Want to automate your systems but not sure where to begin? DISHER is ready to help. Our team will analyze, consult, and recommend value-add automation strategies that will optimize your capacity and profitability.

We can expand your advantage in the marketplace in two main ways: 1) project augmentation and 2) automation systems development.

Project Augmentation

Contract the advanced skill set(s) you need to move your automation projects forward. DISHER delivers many types of advanced engineers who can round out your dream team of expertise. Whether you need to plug in one expert or an entire team to get the job done, we will hit-the-ground-running to help you reach your quality, timeline, and budget objectives.

PLC Programming Icon

PLC Programming

DISHER engineers can program the logic to help your PLCs communicate, monitor, and control your automated processes with reliability.

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HMI Programming

Our software engineers can program your HMIs in an intuitive and graphical way to facilitate information exchange with exceptional UX.

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Software & Technical Expertise

If you need software or technical analysis to keep your manufacturing automation projects on target, let us know where your talent gaps are to avoid any delays. We can provide experts in AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, FEA, NX, CREO, and more.



DISHER engineers can help you design the software applications needed to control your manufacturing processes. These software programs gather data in real time from remote locations to control equipment and conditions and provide timely status reports for better decision making.

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Controls System Rebuilds

DISHER engineers will partner with your team to evaluate your current controls system and provide a roadmap to upgrade it. We can re-program and upgrade your machine to current technologies with off-the-shelf hardware solutions and provide current state technical support.

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Robotics Integration

We can guide you through strategic robotics integration within your unique manufacturing processes. DISHER provides needs assessments, process/system analysis, robotics sourcing, and robotics integration into work cells. We specialize in collaborative robotics solutions with the goal of delivering on your unique ROI needs.

Automation Systems Development

DISHER can design and develop an entire customized automation system spanning the engineering, production, and deployment phases. Whether you need a simple self-contained machine or an entire automated work cell.

Mechatronics projects are also fun for our team as they combine mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering skills to create next generation machines and products. How can we support your next automation initiative? We can serve you in just one phase or every phase of the automation system design cycle.

Automation Engineer talking with manufacturing workers

Scope & Specifications

Our clients often need help with this first phase which lays the groundwork for meaningful automation solutions.

DISHER will travel to our client’s location to understand the pain points firsthand, define the scope, and the technical requirements.

Together, we collaborate on new technology applications and ideate on innovative hardware and software solutions that would optimize their manufacturing processes.

Project Management

If you are short on time and people to see your automation project through to completion—trust DISHER to get it done.

Project Management is a service our clients request often because they can rest in our reliability. Our project leadership is a notch above because we focus on providing a seamless client experience with a positive attitude.

Clients value the way we align teams, set objectives, provide timely communication, and manage timelines and budgets. We also offer agile/SCRUM methodologies to drive feedback and efficiencies in the PM process.

A person sticks a sticky note to an agile project management board
Controls Panel

Hardware Design

Do you have a hardware or panel design project that has come to a standstill? DISHER has a team of hardware design experts to fill any skill or labor gaps. We provide team members who are fluent in AutoCAD Electrical, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and EPLAN to help you reach your automation goals.

Machine Design

DISHER has a powerhouse team of machine designers with deep and wide experience who can help you design new equipment or upgrade legacy machines.

We can either augment your machine design team or you can hire us to design and develop a complete solution.

DISHER is unique in that we advocate for what is best for each client. We totally customize our solutions, whether they are simple part fixtures or complex automated robotic assemblies. Our machine designs are cost-effective, high quality, and on-time.

High Speed Automation Machine Design
Engineer working on a robot in a manufacturing plant

Integration & Optimization

If your team is backlogged with integration projects and challenges, DISHER can help. We have the experience, skillsets, and tools for custom integration and optimization that will move your projects forward.

We provide expertise in PLC programming, HMI programming, robotics integration, SCADA, operator training, and run-at-rate / FAT execution.

Your Experts in Automation Solutions

Manufacturing automation expertise is hard to find these days as technologies keep advancing and the talent pool keeps shrinking.

We care about your long-term success with automation solutions specifically designed for your needs. You will benefit from our broad experience in multiple industries, our deep bench of world-class engineers, and the diverse skill sets we bring to the manufacturing automation party.

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Role-Specific Automation Engineers

Outsource the specific skill sets you need for as long as you need them. DISHER can augment your team with engineering consultants and project managers.

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Automation Project Teams

Contract a cross-functional team to work under your leaders or hire DISHER to manage an entire engineering project.

Directly Hire Technical Talent Icon

Direct Engineering Hires

The DISHER Talent Solutions team specializes in technical recruiting. We can help your HR team attract, vet, and hire the right engineers you need.

Need a Custom Solution? Talk with us about your specific needs and we’ll find an answer!

Improve Your Process with DISHER

Optimize your manufacturing processes with a skilled team of professionals you will like working with! DISHER is ready to be your go-to partner for manufacturing automation that will set you apart for long-term success.