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Machine Design

DISHER’s machine design engineers apply their multi-industry experience, technical degrees, software skills, and working knowledge in mechanical engineering, materials science, and manufacturing processes to craft innovative solutions.

Top Machine Design Engineers

DISHER’s machine design team can help you reduce production costs, drive efficiency, improve quality, and eliminate waste. Whether you need a complex custom solution, a cross-functional team, or one engineer to augment your existing team—we’ve got your back.

Machine Design Services at DISHER

We advocate for what is best for each client. We assess what your unique needs are and design solutions that will optimize your processes with quality and speed.

All projects are carefully managed with proactive problem solving, collaboration, timely communication, and proper resource planning. When a client chooses DISHER, they can rest assured that they will receive the best solutions for their long-term manufacturing automation strategy.

Types of Machine Design & Mechanical Projects

Whether your project is simple or highly complex, DISHER is committed to making a positive difference with you by engineering, innovating, and problem-solving the best solution for your business. The types of projects we can help you with include:

Robotic Work Cell Machine CAD Design

Innovative, Custom Machine Design

Create a custom machine or update existing equipment with DISHER. Our diverse team delivers one-of-a-kind machine design solutions that bring measurable, bottom-line results.

When you partner with DISHER, you get exceptional, proprietary solutions that will keep you ahead of the curve.

High-Speed Automation

DISHER can assess your specific needs to design and integrate high-speed automation solutions (machines, cobots, and robots) that will boost safety, quality, productivity, and profitability.

High Speed Automation Machine Design
A person working on an automated machine in a factory

End-of-Line Test Systems

To validate the quality of complex products and components, DISHER designs complete testing systems including the software, instrumentation, panels/enclosures, and part-handling machinery. We work closely with our clients to design solutions that meet all requirements.

Part Fixtures & Tooling

DISHER can design high-quality custom part fixtures and tooling (dies, jigs, and fixtures) for assembled parts within a variety of industries.

Part Fixture and Tooling CAD
Engineering CAD of a robotic workcell

Robotic Work Cells

Our cross-functional team has the ability to analyze your current state then design a complete workstation including one or more robots, a controller, and safety measures. We help clients automate tasks that are unsafe, unpleasant, or repetitive such as material handling, assembly, resistance welding, machine tool loading, and painting.

Semi-Automated Workstations

DISHER designs mechanical procedures that combine the activities of a human with a machine. Our experts can develop the controllers and the machines for a variety of clients who choose to not fully automate a process due to task complexity, low production volume, or to increase flexibility.

Semi-Automated Work Station Machine Design


Developing Better Machines

DISHER takes a long-term approach by delivering attentive customer service, unmatched deliverables, and improved operations that boost profitability. The success of our clients matters to us.

Better machine design flows from better relationships. We spend time with our clients. We get to know you, your products, and your processes. We advocate for designs that fit best with your unique challenges and ROI goals.

Top Talent for Your Machine Design Projects

You may hire a cross-functional DISHER team to manage an entire project or augment your team with one DISHER engineer to fill a skills gap. Clients trust DISHER so much that we often become an extension of their team.

Contract an engineer icon

Role-Specific Machine Designers

Outsource the specific skill sets you need for as long as you need them. DISHER can augment your team with a flexible pool of engineering consultants and project managers.

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Machine Design Project Teams

Contract a cross-functional team to work under your leaders or hire DISHER to manage an entire machine design project.

Directly hire technical talent icon

Direct Machine Design Hires

The DISHER Talent Solutions team specializes in technical recruiting. We can help your HR team attract, vet, and hire the right machine designs for your team.

Need a Custom Solution? Talk with us about your specific needs and we’ll find an answer!

Design a Machine with DISHER

Are you ready to take your manufacturing processes to the next level? We have seasoned experts in process engineering, manufacturing automation, machine design, and industrial manufacturing.

We can’t wait to make a positive difference with your team.