DISHER—an innovative engineering, manufacturing, and talent solutions firm based in Zeeland, Michigan, employs multiple team members who have been named in 17 new patents within the last two years. “I can’t speak more highly of our team,” smiles Jeff Disher, President and Founder. “Innovation is one of our culture characteristics and it’s great to see it being lived out every day through creative problem solving with our customers, coworkers, and communities.” The patents were developed in partnership with several Michigan-based OEMS on a variety of items ranging from a braking system and smart locker to a furniture system and door assembly.

Within the last 15 years, DISHER team members have been recognized in over 100 patents across several industries. DISHER continues to develop patentable solutions with customers around the world.

disher engineers

DISHER engineers partner with their clients to develop innovative solutions that make a positive difference in our world.