DISHER Turkey Bowl

The Blue Team Gobbles Up Another Victory

The leaves have fallen, the turkey has thawed, and that means only one thing… it’s time for the annual DISHER Turkey Bowl!  What started out as a friendly flag football scrimmage with our colleagues at Innotec years ago has grown into a DISHER-only, cut-throat competition. This year was an epic two-team showdown. An 8v8 battle between the formidable victors from years past, the “Blue Team”, and the scrappy challengers, the “Red Team”.

DISHER Flag Football

Certain Blue Team members talked some pretty big smack leading up to the big day. And they put their money where their mouth was by starting out with a substantial lead early in the game. But the Red Team was not to be easily defeated as they dominated with a second half comeback to trail by one, 49-48. The game was riddled with pick-sixes and possibly had more points scored on turnovers than by the two offenses combined. But it all came down to the last two drives. The Blue Team had the ball first and was hammering down the field. But an errant pass led to an interception, giving the Red Team one last chance to take the victory!

DISHER Turkey Bowl Football The Turkey Bowl

With their destiny in their hands, the Red Team staged a march of their own toward the end zone.  The Red team took several deep shots nearly scoring with a few of them. Then it was 4th down, the all or nothing hail Mary.  The ball was snapped and the Red Team descended on the end zone, zigging and zagging, trying desperately to stay open and out of reach of the Blue Team’s defenders.  The ball was launched and it appeared to be on target, but it was batted down at the last second by the Blue Team as they clinched yet another Turkey Bowl Victory. The final score was 49-48.

DISHER Turkey Bowl Game DISHER Football

It was a well-played game by both sides, and I learned just how speedy and impressive my co-workers are. There were diving catches, spin moves, leaping one-handed grabs, and maybe a few tackles by more than the flag. But at least no bones were broken this year!

Annual DISHER Turkey Bowl DISHER Turkey Bowl Flag Football


Written By: Laura Nelson and Brian LaFrence | Product Development Engineers
Laura has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Central Michigan University. She has experience in product validation and test engineering. She loves trying new things and spending time with her friends, family, and hound dogs.

Brian has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and is currently pursuing an MBA from Western Michigan University. As a Product Development Engineer, he specializes in bringing products to launch and supporting current production products. He is a big sports fan and is involved with youth sports programs through officiating.