Habitat Home is a Win-Win

A Habitat Home is a Win-Win

I’ve had the pleasure to serve with Habitat for Humanity several times since starting with DISHER, and I want everyone to know that it is a fantastic experience. You learn a lot, have fun, and it really changes people’s lives. My latest opportunity to help was this past October. For those who have not yet experienced building a Habitat Home, here is what a typical day looks like:

8:30 am. The day begins with prayer. I knew prayer would be needed particularly for me as this was the first two-story house I ever worked on… and Soffit was on the agenda. (Soffit is near the roof).

Building A Habitat Home

9:00 am. Everyone volunteers for a position or task. Despite all the prayers, I volunteered for moving a lot of fill dirt in a wheel barrow comfortably on the ground level. That’s the great thing about a habitat build … they accommodate all skill levels and phobias.

DISHER Habitat Build

12:00 pm. It’s break time for lunch. On this particular day, people from the local church, (St. Roberts) who sponsored the Habitat build kindly brought us chili.

DISHER Team Ready to Build

1:30 pm. There’s more work to be done but the jobs on the ground have dried up. I try … really try to avoid climbing anything; however, I find myself on scaffolding with tin snips cutting siding. It’s a good thing the day started with prayer.

DISHER Building with Habitat for Humanity

2:00 pm. A fellow DISHER teammate, Dave Courtade, needs help placing support posts for a porch overhang. I’m certain the kind of help I’m capable of isn’t really what Dave is asking for, but it gets me off the scaffolding and Dave won’t be truly disappointed until well after he’s accepted my offer.

Building A Habitat for Humanity Home

4:30 pm. It’s already time to clean up.

DISHER Habitat for Humanity Build

What I want to express to you is that it’s a fun day, and I always learn more than I give. I should probably be paying Habitat for teaching me so much. On most home builds I’ve been able to meet the owners. The recipients are truly appreciative of “a hand up, not a hand out”. If you get a chance to help with Habitat, take it from me, you’ll take away more than you give– regardless of how hard you try.


Written By: Jay VanderBoon – Quality Engineer |
Jay has an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor’s in Business Management and an MBA in Project Management. He is an APQP/PPAP specialist, a certified Problem Solving and Decision making practitioner and a Six Sigma Green Belt.