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Making A Positive Difference Together: Paul Brinks, Koops

20 Years of Making a Positive Difference


Koops has been a trusted partner and customer for many years. Paul Brinks, President and CEO shares his take why Koops and DISHER make a great match.


My name is Paul Brinks. President and CEO of Koops Incorporated. As I reflect upon our relationship with DISHER design, a few key things come to mind, one we’ve worked with DISHER as a vendor and as a customer and both ways it’s gone really, really well. And one of the key reasons I think it goes well is just the integrity of the individuals. As I also think about DISHER design, I think about rock solid engineering. It’s a solid design that I see their engineers are passionate to bring to life. And the word that comes to my mind there is excellence.

DISHER approaches things with excellence. Also, as I reflect upon DISHER, one of the things that I think about is how they’re willing to allow their team to work at our office and spend time integrating with our team, with our project managers, with our engineers and working together as a team. So another key aspect that comes to my mind when I think about DISHER is team and teamwork and how things really come together and are kind of a final thing. And our relationship with DISHER, it’s more than just a solid engineered solution. It’s more than an FEA analysis. It’s really about stewarding the relationship that we’ve built together. Happy 20th anniversary DISHER. Looking forward to the next 20.

3 thoughts on “Making A Positive Difference Together: Paul Brinks, Koops

  1. The legacy of the Koops-Disher partnership epitomizes the exceptional West Michigan work ethic. You just do not see this happening very often around the world.

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