The Engineering Design Process

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What is the Engineering Design Process?

The engineering design process is a series of steps for creating exceptional solutions to user problems through innovative problem solving and collaborative iteration with a cross-functional team.

Great engineering design develops research-backed products and services that delight users, generate profit, and are manufacturable. DISHER is passionate about developing meaningful engineering designs with our customers because it fulfills our mission to leave this world better than we found it.

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DISHER’s Engineering Design Process

While our process includes six phases and several steps—it is not a linear process.

Steps are often repeated for continuous improvement. Flexibility is built in, and considerable iteration occurs within the steps as engineers and teams try to solve problems with a variety of constraints (costs, tools, and resources).

Product development teams are constantly exploring ways to optimize the value of the product or service within each phase by analyzing the costs in relationship to the functions and quality.

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How We Move Through the Process

The DISHER team can guide you through any and all phases of the process, from front-end design and detailed engineering to product launch and manufacturing.

We make each step in the product development process seamless and hassle-free for our clients because we provide all the expertise and skills you need under one roof, (i.e., researchers, ideation and innovation workshops, industrial designers, conceptual engineers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, automation engineers, machine builders, CAD experts, manufacturing engineers, IoT integrators, project managers, and more.)

Let us know how we can help you design, develop, and deliver your next innovative solution to stay fresh and competitive.

STAGE ONE: Front-End Design (ID/UX)

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Phase 1: Understand the User

During phase one, DISHER conducts research and user experience mapping to understand and empathize with the user and their unique challenges and pain points.

  • Define Scope
  • Gather Secondary Research
  • Conduct Primary Research
  • Create User Experience Map
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Phase 2: Explore All Ideas

During phase two, our cross-functional team brainstorms a large quantity of possible solutions. Ideas are sketched, ranked, and the top ideas developed into playbooks through the lens of user desirability, commercial viability, and production feasibility.

  • Understand Opportunities
  • Sketch Ideas
  • Rank Ideas
  • Develop Playbooks
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Phase 3: Vet Top Ideas

During phase three, the top ideas continue to be built-upon and vetted through prototyping, refining, testing, and evaluating.

  • Prototype & Refine Ideas
  • Test Ideas & Iterate
  • Assess Data
  • Review Findings
  • Develop Product Requirements

STAGE TWO: Detailed Design & Engineering

Design, Build, & Test Prototypes

Phase 4: Design, Build, & Test Prototypes

During phase four, the top idea(s) is developed into detailed CAD drawings. The engineering designs are reviewed, prototyped, and tested in an iterative way until objectives are met.

  • Develop CAD Drawings
  • Conduct Design Reviews
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Build Works-Like & Looks-Like Prototypes
  • Perform Testing
  • Iterate Design, Build, & Test to Achieve Desired Outcomes
  • Refine Product Requirements

STAGE THREE: Design Validation & Launch

Design, build, test, final

Phase 5: Design, Build, & Test – Final

During phase five, our engineers design, build, and test a finalized solution for production. Specifications and packaging are completed, and manufacturing processes and quality standards are determined.

  • Create Final CAD Drawings
  • Develop Preproduction Build
  • Complete Design Validation Testing
  • Perform APQP
  • Create Packaging
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Phase 6: Launch Product

During phase six, our Manufacturing Tech team can help with any step of the manufacturing process installation, testing, training, and final approvals. We can also provide value analysis to further optimize the product or process.

  • Design Equipment
  • Develop Process Flow
  • Manage Installation
  • Perform Equipment & Process Qualification
  • Conduct Operator Training
  • Prepare PPAP
  • Implement Continuous Improvement

Who Needs Engineering Design Services?

All types of manufacturers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs benefit from an experienced product development and engineering design partner.

Many of our clients have their own R&D departments or product innovation teams. They hire DISHER to augment their team with the skills and/or knowledge they need to keep their project moving forward.

Other organizations and entrepreneurs hire DISHER to manage a complete product development project from concept through launch. While other clients ask us to train or coach their team members on a certain phase of engineering design.

There are countless ways you can tap into our engineering design team to fill any gaps you may have.

Electronics engineering working in lab


DISHER has such a broad range of electronics capabilities. After working with their team…it’s clear they know what they’re doing.

― Global Manufacturer of Office Furniture

Find Creative Solutions Today

Whether you need expertise with one engineering design step or help with the entire process—DISHER is ready to take your product to the next level. We promise to make a positive difference with you.