Wireform & Weld Machine Design


The Problem Statement

Koops partnered with DISHER to design a new machine for a manufacturer who needed to combine several standalone operations into one machine for increased safety, reliability, and throughput at a rate of 700 per minute.

Male Engineer Measuring CAD Drawings In Factory

Our Process

Collaborative Machine Design

A DISHER Machine Design Engineer worked closely with the Koops internal team to design new systems for wire-feeding, wire-forming, wire-transferring, wire-welding, release-coating, and offloading. DISHER used Solidworks to expertly design the machine and analyze the performance of each required function.

Automated Machine Work Cell


The machine was successfully built and installed at the end-customer’s site. Today, the machine safely and reliably produces over 700 parts per minute.

“The DISHER team offered ideas and solutions backed by research, experience, and data. DISHER also had a willingness to engage and listen in combination with an eye for detail. The desired machine had several challenging criteria including a low cycle time, wide range of incoming product sizes, flexibility, high-forming forces from multiple angles, resistance welding, along with bulk feeding and unloading. The final machine not only completed all of the functions required but allowed for additional tuning flexibility and maintenance considerations to support a high level of success for the end user. DISHER offered a holistic approach and flexibility that enabled them to merge successfully with our internal team, adapt to Koops standards, and provide a solution for our customer that exceeded their expectations.”

Doug Collier | Project Manager | Koops, Inc.

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