Vehicle Demonstration Buck

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Problem Statement

Demonstrate a series of new high-touch user features for a concept vehicle (show buck).

DISHER needed to incorporate interactive technology; multiple touchscreens; integrated electronics, sensors, and scanners; and ambient lighting with controls and sequences into the vehicle.

Research and Methodology

DISHER’s Discovery team created multiple storyboards for three unique persona lifestyles for the concept buck’s features and interactive app development. New feature specifications were developed based on consumer feedback, customer expectations, and secondary research.

Ideate & Design

DISHER engineers and electronics specialists and designers explored a variety of technologies, mechanisms, materials, and integration requirements.

Vehicle Buck Research

Build & Verify

To begin, we literally cut a car in half, removed the engine, and stripped it down to the white metal. Then a cross-functional team of Engineers started designing and painting a new exterior, fabricating parts, racks, and a monitor as a windshield.

We designed custom interior components for seats, footrests, flip-around arm rests, wireless charging, and consoles that could heat and cool. DISHER Designers developed a powerful wireless hub under the hood to run the new features.

Finally, we integrated sensors, cameras, and mechatronic prototypes of the features into the show buck. The features were controlled with a custom software interface with multiple touch-screen tablets and a video monitor.

Vehicle Buck

Reactions & Final Products

The buck was carefully packaged and shipped overseas with installing, display, and translation instructions.

It was shown to senior executives and hundreds of R&D and marketing personnel. It showcased the concept features seamlessly allowing stakeholders to review, discuss, and make informed decisions.

Demo Vehicle
Women standing at a demo vehicle

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