Reimagining Residential Storm Doors

Product Design & Development

Problem Statement

Reimagine residential storm doors with aesthetic, simple, and manufacturable design characteristics.

Research & Methodology

Product Researchers studied the industry and created design inspiration boards to stimulate creativity and ideation.

Benchmarking Storm Doors

Ideate & Design

DISHER discussed, collaborated, and generated many features, ideas, and concepts that met the design criteria. Product feature ideas were gathered, organized, and compared in a Pugh Analysis Chart to guide decision making in the design direction.

Storm Door Renderings

Build & Verify

Industrial Designers worked with Engineers to create viable concepts of various mechanisms and materials to meet the design goals and manufacturing requirements. A dozen 18” maquettes were built to test the feasibility of various latch-attachment methods. Later a full-scale prototype was built of the top concept.

Prototype of a Door

Reactions & Final Product

The manufacturer was pleased with the storm door designs and prototypes. The IP was sold to a supplier.

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