Program Management for a Carbon Reduction Corporate Initiative

Program Management


Stryker set a corporate sustainability objective to reduce carbon emissions globally. They came to DISHER for Program Management to support and lead multiple workstreams that would be critical to accomplishing Stryker’s goals. Those goals were to reach a 20% reduction in total Scope 1 and 2 emissions for all of Stryker by 2024 and to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Stryker Carbon Neutrality Goals Infographic


Stryker and DISHER explored three paths towards achieving these goals:

  1. Reduce consumption through energy efficiency and conservation projects and implementing energy-related standards.
  2. Replace non-renewable energy consumption with renewable
  3. Implement credible offsets where needed as a last resort

DISHER and Stryker focused on ways to reduce consumption. Together, we identified and prioritized areas of impact within the Stryker network. We promoted and supported energy efficiency projects, especially at larger manufacturing sites. DISHER led collaboration with Stryker sites and partners to establish best practices and standards to sustain improvements and prevent backsliding.


Together, we conducted multiple third-party energy assessments after partnering with Schneider Electric for efficiency development and carbon accounting, and we established processes to provide corporate capital-relief funding to ensure good energy efficiency projects would get funded. Additionally, incremental goals were established specifically for the energy consumption path to reach the overall 2024 and 2030 goals.

DISHER engaged with nearly 50 Stryker focus sites globally. We worked with specific manufacturing facilities, large distribution centers, and office spaces which comprised around 80% of the total carbon footprint. Since the baseline year of 2019, over 90 energy efficiency projects were funded by the sites (or with the corporate capital relief) and were executed.

DISHER led the creation of an energy-efficiency playbook including an energy maturity matrix/pathway and self-assessment. The playbook was implemented at the focus sites with plans for continuous improvement and annual roll-out. Additionally, pilots for energy monitoring and management systems were launched at three large-footprint facilities. Energy standards for manufacturing equipment procurement and buildings were also developed.

Energy Playbook


Through the activities set in motion and the efforts of the Stryker sites, Stryker’s Corporate Sustainability team accomplished their 7% baseline reduction goal in 2022 due to energy-efficiency projects alone.

In addition, Stryker accomplished their 20% reduction in carbon emissions (scopes 1 and 2) goal ahead of schedule. Because of Stryker’s renewed commitment to energy efficiencies, increased renewable energy procurement within Stryker, and cleaner power generation by utilities, Stryker exceeded their 2024 objective and continues to advance toward carbon neutrality by 2030.

“DISHER was a key partner in the development of our carbon neutral strategy. They helped us create a path forward through the development of tools and engaging with our global teams. The outcomes delivered are helping Stryker meet expectations from our global customers, investors, and employees. Our partnership has helped us create a healthier planet while providing a great financial return on investment.”

Erol Odabasi, Stryker Director of Corporate Sustainability

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