NYC Pier 17 Gliding Bench


Problem Statement

Landscape Forms—a world-renown, outdoor-furniture design company, partnered with DISHER to engineer a durable, gliding mechanism for outdoor benches at Pier 17 in New York City. The form was given to DISHER—we had to make the function fit the form.


The sheer size and weight of the benches created some technical challenges. At 600 pounds, 12-feet high, 10-feet long, and eight-feet wide—DISHER had to research the best possible bearings. Our deep, cross-industry expertise enabled us to collaborate around the mechanics of a robust gliding-motion engineered solution.


DISHER designed a low-fidelity prototype to feature two different ranges of movement to help Landscape Forms make an informed decision on the range of how they wanted the bench to glide. We also did some structural engineering work on the overhead canopy and assisted with the lighting lenses within the columns.


DISHER pulled in suppliers and manufacturing at the front-end of the full-scale prototype build. Our first build was so precise and problem-free that it ended up being one of the final ten benches that were used in the customer installation. DISHER also helped create field installation instructions to ensure correct assembly and a consistent user experience.


Ten gliding benches were successfully installed for the end customer, the City of New York, for their pier restoration project called Pier 17. The benches function beautifully and are built to last for years of enjoyment. DISHER has been asked to help with similar projects in the near future.

“When Studio 431 needs to ramp up our engineering team quickly, our first choice is DISHER. The work they did for us on the Pier 17 Glider was top notch. The DISHER team is talented and knowledgeable, and they helped make the overall Pier 17 project a huge success.”

John Shimer, Landscape Forms Inc.
Engineering Group Leader – Studio 431

Pier 17 Project