Manufacturing Process and System Expansion

Leading Hydraulics Manufacturer

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The DISHER Difference +

Problem Statement

The Right Place/MMTC partnered with DISHER to support and streamline the development of new manufacturing processes and systems for a growing hydraulic-products manufacturer.

Project Planning

A DISHER Project Manager worked with the customer’s leadership team to define the project scope and develop a project plan. The plan included process development, equipment development, quality systems, supplier selection, and staffing.


DISHER and the hydraulics manufacturer joined together to develop the following solutions:

+ New processes for small-parts cleaning and assembly

+ Quality-system evaluations including product cleanliness testing specifications and instructions

+ Facility layouts

+ Machine design and controls for new equipment

+ Supplier qualifications and vetting process

+ Talent recruitment for a new department manager

Project Execution

The DISHER team leveraged its breadth of solutions (Project Management, Machine Design, Controls Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering, Packaging Engineering, and Talent Solutions) to successfully:

+ Launch the new manufacturing process with new domestic suppliers

+ Design and develop new tooling to implement assembly equipment from Japan

+ Implement automated capital equipment designed and programmed by DISHER

+ Support updated quality systems and new packaging designs

+ Hire a new department manager