User Interface Design for Laundry Machines


Problem Statement

Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS), a leading commercial laundry OEM, selected DISHER to help design a graphical user interface (GUI) for their high-quality, industrial washer and dryer product lines to create a positive user experience.

Alliance Laundry Machine

Collaborative Team

A team of four embedded software developers from DISHER and three developers from SpinDance partnered together to collaborate on the GUI. Daily communications took place between DISHER and ALS to update everyone on the project’s progress.

Project Planning

Ideate and Design

DISHER employed the SCRUM/Agile project management framework for ideation and design. We took the customer requirements and broke them down into individual, agile tasks which were executed, reviewed, and verified before proceeding to the next two-week sprint. A Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture was implemented for each screen of the GUI. This allowed each component of the architecture to handle specific aspects of the application.

Software Developer working on computer

Build and Verify

An Eclipse Development Environment was used to build the software and JTAG programmers were utilized to flash the hardware for testing and verification.

Laundry Machine with Screen
Woman in laundry mat

“ALS had a great experience working with DISHER. DISHER provided a remote team with a complete skillset to drive our project to success. It was not only seamless but effective. They stayed focused on our deliverables and completed our project for a successful launch. We have little to worry about when we work with DISHER.”

Nicole Bartel | Supervisor of Electronic Development


DISHER led the nine-month project which resulted in an excellent user experience. All screens were implemented fully and worked smoothly with the rest of the system.

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