Smart, Wearable, Safety Monitor

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Problem Statement

Walkers are needed for safety but too often seniors forget to use them. i-Tell Alert® partnered with DISHER to design and develop a wearable device to remind seniors to use their walkers to reduce the risk of millions of falls a year.

A female nurse helping an older patient with a walker

Research and Requirements Definition

DISHER Product Researchers benchmarked numerous wireless technologies to determine optimal solutions for detecting distance from a walker while maintaining low-power usage. Product requirements were defined and refined with continual communication with the customer. Technical feasibility assessments were also conducted.

Watch Concept Sketch
Watch concept sketch


DISHER Conceptual Engineers designed a pair of devices that communicated with one another and determined distance accurately. DISHER hosted design reviews and performed technical analysis and simulations to meet or exceed the design requirements.

Electronics engineer soldering a watch prototype

Build and Verify

DISHER Engineers translated the designs into a working prototype. Using the devices, the team performed functional-prototype testing to ensure the performance matched the simulations, and that all requirements were met.

Older man with i-tell alert prototype and walker

Reactions and Final Product

The proof-of-concept devices were successfully released to iTell. The next phase will be beta testing in several long-term care facilities to gather design feedback. The devices were featured on Greenlight Maine, a Shark Tank-style show which allowed i-Tell Alert to advance to the finals in the Spring of 2020.

arrows pointing to i-tell alert prototype

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