Herb Kit

Innovative Manufacturer of Garden Products
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Problem Statement

A market-leading manufacturer of garden products partnered with DISHER to explore and develop new product designs for the Do-it-Yourself (DIY), consumer-planter market.


DISHER facilitated a one-day workshop with the customer to create and vet the best ideas around new-product solutions for urban, residential, and micro gardening. Extensive benchmarking was conducted, trends were analyzed, and hundreds of ideas were built upon with industrial designers, subject matter experts, and strategic facilitation.

Concept Playbooks

Detailed playbooks were developed by DISHER that combined and organized the top-ranked ideas from the workshop. Concept descriptions, sketches, renderings, material considerations, and inspiration examples were showcased along with next steps.

Big-Box Store Presentation

The customer asked DISHER to design and produce presentation posters with high-impact images and market data to pitch the top concepts to a large retailer. DISHER also developed low-fidelity prototypes to help demonstrate the concepts. The sales pitch to the big-box store was highly favorable with many new product ideas selected.

Product Launch

Our customer brought our designs to their supplier for mass manufacturing to the consumer-retail market. The new DIY product was quickly and successfully launched and is available through multiple, global distribution channels.