Designing a More User Friendly Bread Slicer

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Problem Statement

Refresh and improve the design aesthetics and the user interface (ergonomics, functionality, and safety) of a self-serve industrial bread slicer. Behind-the-counter operators desired to slice bread in a safe, professional way providing a better end-user experience to receive their freshly cut bread.

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Research & Methodology

DISHER conducted primary and secondary research and benchmarking within the US and European markets. People within the European market were already slicing their own bread driving the need to study the new design from a user perspective for US customers.

Concept Sketches of Bread Slicer
Industrial Designed concept sketches of bread slicer

Ideate & Design

Subject Matter Experts, Creative Leads, and Facilitators gathered with the customer for a day-long ideation session to review benchmarking, understand design challenges, and define requirements to meet or exceed user needs. Ideas were discussed, ranked, and vetted.

Concept Renderings of Bread Slicer

Build & Verify

DISHER designed and built rapid prototypes from foam core and sheet metal focusing on improved angles, height considerations, and safety features. Sketches and renderings were developed for the front cover, in-feed cover, out-feed, overall shape, and ease of operation. After final customer approvals, product renderings were translated into CAD and sent to the customer’s manufacturing sources to determine optimal tooling, materials, and piece-part costs.

Someone using an in-store bread slicer

Reactions & Final Product

The new bread slicer’s contemporary design, improved ergonomic profile, and simple operation were welcomed by the OEM and the market. The machine can be found in in a variety of retail applications. “It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Bread Slicer

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