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The DISHER Difference +

Problem Statement

A prominent Tier 1 supplier of components for the office furniture design industry chose DISHER to develop the hardware, firmware, and app software for a safe and reliable adjustable-height base.

Controller Integration

A team of DISHER hardware and software engineers designed and developed a controller for an adjustable height desk which incorporated various feedback data points including speed, position, and current. A system to monitor and safely control all functions including the unevenly-distributed weight was also designed by the collaborative team.


Safety Features

DISHER integrated two unique safety features into the design. The anti-pinch feature was programmed to recognize if a cord, finger, or other object hindered the desk from moving. The calibration feature determined the lowest and highest desk heights possible.


User Interface

A user-friendly desktop app was designed to display movement, power cycles, and alive hours, providing easy access to updates. The app calibrates, sends error reports, updates table software, and shows power graphs. An app bootloader was also implemented for reflashing firmware.

Product Verification

A unique way to manage the height of the desk was discovered and implemented for a better overall design. Extensive verification testing ensured the final adjustable-height base incorporated all of the safety and reliability features required.


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