June Culture Characteristic: Trusting Relationships 

Trust is a foundational characteristic that Disher Design and Development strives to build its relationships on. Trusting relationships in the workplace and with our customers are the building blocks of an effective partnership and Disher’s ability to make a positive difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. These relationships are based on behaviors that build trust.

At Disher, encouraging communication, being a good listener, treating people with respect, and consistently doing good work are among the key attributes to promoting an atmosphere that produces results that fall into line with Disher’s culture characteristics. These behaviors are required to accomplish our goals regardless of the amount of involvement we have in a customer project.

The behaviors that build trusting relationships extend beyond the workplace. Disher employees are encouraged to take part in the practice of building trusting relationships in their personal lives with their friends, family, spouse and faith. The reinforcement of these characteristics beyond the workplace is indicative of Disher’s commitment to its employees and customers.

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Disher also recognizes that sometimes mistakes may occur. If they do, it’s our goal to Make It Right. We Make It Right by admitting the mistake and apologizing, correcting the situation at no extra cost. Our dedication to correcting mistakes and avoiding recurrence exhibits the dedication we have to our mission of making a positive difference.

The value that Disher Design and Development and its employees place on the culture characteristics are representative of the interest we hold in building a trusting relationship with our customers. These relationships are a gateway to a rewarding, positive experience that can lead to effective results.

Written By: Allie Graff, Engineering Intern