I would do anything to rent a small plane, attach a huge banner to it, and fly over America’s manufacturers right now with a message that says, “We know your struggles. We can help you today, and you’ll see results tomorrow!” That approach might seem excessive, but there are so many companies scrambling to find their new way, post Covid-19. If you are in this position, we want you to know that there are real solutions to these challenges.

In the past few months, companies have been forced to change. I’m sure your business is no exception. Regardless of what you do, most likely your workforce looks different. Your innovation, product development, production, machine, and automation teams are all doing things in new ways. You need to think differently or maybe even re-invent your business model to survive. Oh, and by-the-way, you need to move more quickly than ever before. Sound familiar?

Manufacturing companies are facing a variety of new problems relating to people and production. We will focus on five of them. The good news is that there are effective ways to keep your operation moving forward in a healthy direction.



Problem 1: You need new product development and innovation but you don’t want to hire full-time employees (FTEs) right now.

You may not have the people for innovation and product development right now due to furloughs, layoffs, or the residual effect from the tight-talent market prior to the coronavirus. Maybe you’ve been forced to pivot what you produce and that requires different talent. You have gaps in your labor force, and you are feeling the pain. And the current and/or future demand for your product and product innovation has not lessened.


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Contracting highly-skilled, top-rated talent to fill product development labor gaps may be just what you need, either for short-term or longer-term projects. This allows manufacturers to avoid hiring a costly FTE in a time of uncertainty. And it enables you to continue to progress with product development or production shortages with little hassle and big results.


Problem 2: Your need for rapid innovation and product development is outpacing your ability to hire talent to do the work.

You may be one of the manufacturers that has completely shifted your production line to manufacture another product. Or you have been asked to develop new, innovative products for the post-pandemic space. Your key to success is speed. The length of time it takes to hire talent is far too long for the work that needs to be done right now.

Consider “gap resourcing” to fill these needs. It is possible to obtain highly-skilled, technical talent as soon as next day. Cross-functional experts in innovation, engineering, and manufacturing technology can plug in, quickly assess your situation with you, and dig into the work that needs to be done. By taking advantage of these options, you can continue to meet your goals and bring new products to the market faster.


Problem 3: You need top talent on your team, but you don’t have the time or the resources to find, recruit, and hire.

Do you find yourself here? You understand the importance of finding talent with exceptional skills who also fit well into your culture. Maybe you have the time and resources to hire new people, but you are struggling to find anyone that fits your open position. Many companies can’t attain top-notch team players for their technical positions because the market is tight and competitive.

There are companies that specialize in finding and hiring permanent, long-term, technical talent. And partners like DISHER can ensure that your new employee is a good culture fit. By teaming up with companies like this, you can fill positions quickly and economically.


Problem 4: You simply do not have the time or ability to bring new products to market, let-alone reinvent your current offering to accommodate a post-pandemic environment.

Many outside vendors can provide product-development help. But here’s the problem. They may be strictly an innovation firm who then needs to turn over their work to an engineering company. In doing so, the transfer and communication of ideas and design concepts can become clunky, lost, and take more time for the engineering firm to fully understand. Then another company is hired for prototyping, user testing, feedback, and marketing. Then another company must figure out how to manufacture the product and ensure quality. It’s no wonder that so many new products and ideas fail to get off the ground.

Using a company that houses concept to manufacturing capabilities under one roof will make a difference in terms of speed, quality, and cost. Companies with cross-functional expertise will make sure that end-users provide necessary feedback, engineers are involved in the design process, designers give input during the engineering phase, and industrial engineers make sure the products are designed for manufacturing. Trusting a full-service company like this brings greater efficiencies, effectiveness, and frees up your resources to focus on other aspects of your business.


Engineers working in manufacturers environment


Problem 5: You need to retrofit, automate, or even completely rebuild your production lines.

You may have only heard stories like this. But most likely you have had, or still need to, either retrofit or rebuild your own production lines. Do you need to automate any of your processes? Do you need a complete production-line modification to comply with CDC guidelines? Maybe you switched from your product production to PPE production and now you need to switch back.



Partnering with a smart, responsive team of experienced professionals can make all the difference. When machine-design gurus, automation-engineering experts, and lean-centered manufacturers work together—production lines reach new levels of productivity, quality, and safety. Higher outcomes and greater profitability are achieved.


Full Circle…. We know your struggles. If you need help, DISHER can get started today, and you’ll begin to see results tomorrow!


DISHER delivers innovative solutions in engineering, manufacturing, and talent through a high-performing team of cross-functional experts. We’re leading, consulting, and working on the exact pain points and projects discussed, daily. Our goal is to not only provide an exceptional customer experience but to increase your profitability and sustainability into the future as manufacturers.


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