Disher Design & Development and Lakeshore Advantage co-sponsored the first Michigan SmartCoast Engineer Event


The event took place at Impres Engineering in Holland, MI this past November.

The idea behind the event is this: many in the Lakeshore engineering community have been asking for a series of informal get togethers to learn and network. No lectures. No sitting in rows. Just a hands-on look at a wide variety of REAL WORLD engineering problems, from a variety of areas and how they’ve been solved.

Impres Engineering is a CNC prototype machine shop with 2 dozen CNC including full 5-axis large capacity machines; Ross Hoek, owner of Impres, also races 900 horsepower trucks nationwide at the professional level. Through both disciplines Ross tackles critical engineering issues on a daily basis. Impres is a leader in machining technology and Ross is a World Champion® off road racer. Besides running the machine shop and maintaining his own race truck, Ross also builds trucks for other teams.

The attendees, which represented eight different companies, had a chance to meet other engineers from a variety of industries and tour Impress Engineering. They also got to listen to Ross to give a background about his company, the TORC (The Off-Road Championship) racing series and a technical review of his championship off-road vehicle.