As we celebrate our 20th year in business, we also celebrate everyone who has been a part of the journey to where we are today. Jennifer Owens, President of Lakeshore Advantage, shares the story of our partnership in the community over the past five years.




Jennifer Owens

Lakeshore Advantage | Holland, MI





Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your organization.

A: Founded in 2003 by business and community leaders, Lakeshore Advantage is a nonprofit economic-development organization that connects businesses to the resources they need to grow in Allegan and Ottawa Counties. We accomplish this by working to:
-Maintain a robust primary business base at all stages of development

-Tackle talent challenges to overcome barriers to growth

-Look forward to ensuring long-term economic health

Our Why? Ensuring current and future generations want to live and work in our vibrant economy.


Q: How long have you and DISHER worked together?

A: Around five years.


Q: Can you share a bit of history about your partnership with DISHER?

A: One of my first interactions in the community was working with Keri McCarthy (DISHER’s Talent Solutions Business Leader). She helped recruit me to the area.  She went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make me feel like this position was the best choice for me and my family.  Jeff Disher (DISHER’s Founder and President) is now our board chair and has been by my side providing support since day one. I don’t think our team or I personally could have accomplished what we have over the past five years without the support of DISHER.


Q: Has DISHER helped you make a positive difference in our community?

A: Absolutely, Yes!