At DISHER, we love stories. We tell stories in recognition of team members living out our mission and demonstrating our culture characteristics. We share stories of our accomplishments and a job well done. We communicate stories from our proudest moments and personal career journeys.

DISHER Culture TourDuring a DISHER Culture Tour, we tell the story of our organization and listen to other’s tell their stories.

Stories make life interesting and more meaningful. They have influence. Some may be encouraging and inspirational. Others may teach and help us make sense of our world. Stories communicate a variety of things. Quite often the storyline from a book or a movie goes something like this:

Once upon a time, there was a person out for their own selfish gain leaving carnage in their wake. At some point, there is a moment of enlightenment followed by reinvention and reconciliation. The story ends happily ever after… or does it?

Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre or finished a book with an unsettled feeling? Maybe you had a different ending in your mind. What if you had the opportunity to rewrite the story or at least one chapter? Unless you are the author or the movie director, your ability to alter the storyline doesn’t exist. But there are storylines you can influence!

You have the ability to write your own story and help shape the stories of other people in your sphere of influence. And that is why I am so excited about a new leader-development program we are launching at DISHER! It is called LEAD365 Select and we are offering it in collaboration with Leading by DESIGN.

LEAD365 Select

LEAD365 Select is an integrated leader-development experience with study, practice, and coaching to help individuals become more effective leaders. Over a time period of 4-7 months, current and future leaders from organizations of all types come together for group sessions. The group meets once a month for a half-day session to reflect on and discuss a leadership topic around a chosen theme. In between the group sessions, individuals meet with a leadership coach to focus on their own personal growth journey through reading, heightened awareness, and real-life application. The learning cycle repeats each month through the duration of the program selected.

Leadership Learning Cycle

It is through this carefully designed cycle that leaders see real growth in their personal journey.

LEAD365 Select participants have an opportunity to rewrite the story that is unfolding within their life as a leader. What excites me most is that it is not just about positive change within the leader. It is a story that impacts the leader’s leader, team members, peers, and potentially everyone within their organization. It can also have a significant impact within the participant’s personal life.

Leadership Development Package

LEAD365 Select group sessions are in the Colonial Clock Building in Zeeland or at a venue of the customer’s choosing.

I am privileged to work for an organization where excellent leadership is modeled every day. It has helped DISHER become a thriving organization with loyal customers, healthy partnerships, and a reputation for positively impacting the community. With LEAD365 Select, participants can also become leaders who…

+ Help coach others in discovering their own truths

+ Proactively develop and mentor team members through challenging assignments and projects

+ Look for and act on opportunities to recognize employees living out the company values

+ Trust the team to carry out the mission and steward company resources in their absence

+ Become positive leaders worth following

Lead 365

DISHER offers six packages to promote positive leadership transformation.

Most of us have positive and negative leadership stories to tell. Maybe you know of someone who joined a company but quit because of poor leadership. In the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, there is a story about a fishing company and two captains who are trying to outperform each other at the expense of crew morale and company results. Fortunately for the crew, captains, and owner (John); Susan helped John see how his leadership style led to the treacherous state they were in. She gave practical guidance on how to navigate to safety in the form of increased cooperation, better morale, and improved profitability. Susan helped John rewrite his story as a leader.

Through LEAD365 Select, we empower leaders like John to become the authors and producers of new storylines. The stories of those who engage are reimagined, reinvented, and rewritten to have a higher impact. To learn more about LEAD365 Select or a DISHER Culture Tour, send us a note at


Written By: Angela Morrill, Business Solutions Advisor

Angela brings a wealth of business, process, and program management experience to DISHER customers. She loves helping others solve puzzles to bring about transformational change. Angela received an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, PMP Certification, and 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification. Boating, biking, hiking, camping, and cheering on her two teenagers bring her great joy.