All I got for my Fifth Anniversary was a Rock

Building a Culture That Thrives™

I just completed five years at DISHER. This milestone was recognized and celebrated at an all-company meeting a few weeks ago where I was given a rock. Yes, you read that correctly. They gave me a ROCK. And you know what? I was thrilled. Why? If you look closely, it tells a story.

Do you see the gold band around the number 5? It signifies the result of my influence inside and outside of DISHER. It means from my first day as a member of the DISHER team, I’ve had the opportunity and responsibility to grow our mission, Make a Positive Difference, through my influence and leadership.

For the past five years, I’ve had the privilege to pursue my Sweet Spot– the intersection of my passion, mission, vocation, and profession. I’ve been able to ideate and create new business solutions; work with a variety of clients on interesting projects; and build a team of impressive engineers. And I’ve been able to serve the needy locally and internationally, advocate for multiple non-profits, and hand-deliver stewardship checks.

We call all of the positive outcomes of our behaviors Ripples of Influence or ROI. So, my 5-year rock reminds me of the impact I’ve made, and it inspires me to make my actions count moving forward.

Do you know what is powerful? When you get 160+ teammates who are each making their own positive Ripples of Influence. The combination and synergies of a committed team with high ownership creates a dynamic, growing company with far-reaching impact.


 DISHER Rock Wall


Each rock on our Wall of Rocks represents both a unique and an alike story. Every team member brings unique qualities and contributions to DISHER. At the same time, each individual is like-minded about living out our beliefs and behaviors to build a culture that thrives.

Together, we make significant ripples (sometimes even waves!) with our coworkers, customers, and communities.

Want to know more? We’ve discovered over the past 17 years that successful organizations do not leave culture to chance. Instead, they intentionally design culture for high performance.

DISHER’s had the privilege of being recognized by FORTUNE and Great Place To Work as the 5th Best Small Workplace in America and we want to encourage other companies by sharing our practices and cultural rhythms. We love to tell our company story and have created an event to do so.


DISHER offers complimentary Culture Tours at our Zeeland office. One of the best ways to illustrate the power of culture is to “go to the gemba” (as we say in the Lean world); that is, “go to where the action is happening” by visiting a company that is intentionally Building a Culture that Thrives.

We hope to meet you at one of our Culture Tours! Reach out to us today for more information or to schedule a tour.


Written By: Kevin Pinner, Business Lead – DISHER Business Solutions | Manufacturing Tech Services
Kevin enjoys improving processes – manufacturing or business processes. When he isn’t doing that, he enjoys playing soccer, running, mountain biking, and driving old sports cars. Kevin has a BS in Industrial Management and MBA in Finance. Kevin leads the Disher Manufacturing Tech Services and Disher Business Solutions Teams.