Included below are just a few stories from DISHER folks who are making a positive difference in their corner of the world.


Some Giving Back Stories

“I am the leader of one of our foundational cultural characteristics we call Stewardship here at DISHER. This is a voluntary role where I can guide the entire team throughout the year regarding stewardship opportunities that include financial giving (our First Fruits program), community involvement programs, and missionary trips–both nationally and internationally.

Being the Stewardship champion allows me to guide our team to make small ripples of influence that turn into a tidal wave of impact. Each year I’ve seen more people go on mission trips and volunteer at local ministries. To me that is what it is all about. Mission trips have had the biggest impact on my life.  Seeing how I can make a positive difference in the world by helping others puts perspective back into my life and career.”

Charles Beasley
Product Development Engineer

Dominican Republic Ridge Point Community Church


“In the past four years at DISHER, I have been given the flexibility to teach an after school design class to local youth at CultureWorks. Last May, I was given two weeks off beyond my allocated vacation time and provided with additional financial resources so I could lead a college-age mission trip to Zambia through Engedi Church. DISHER has given me the opportunity to be a full-time professional, who is also able to support the important mission of creating and sharing God’s love to the world. I love my job.”

Alison Zdan
Graphic Designer | Market Researcher



“When I found out that my suggested charity was receiving a First Fruits check, I was overwhelmed. Bethany Christian Services’ Safe Families program helps parents who need temporary assistance with their children due to an immediate need. We’ve had children live in our home.  We know the ministry, the needs they have, and the impact they make on a daily basis. I’m so thankful that the DISHER team believes in giving back and that a cause so dear to me will be blessed in an amazing way.

Vicki Zylstra
Project Manager

Safe Families

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