Over the last two years author Tracy Brower – of Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work –  has been doing research about healthy work cultures that bring work to life by bringing life to work. She recently heard that DISHER has been doing that for the past 15 years.

work life disher

She was excited to be able to highlight our real life example on her blog featuring what she calls, “Work Life Stories.” Tracy came in and toured DISHER’s office and met with Jeff Disher, Founder & President of the company. She saw images on the wall of DISHER’s staff in action, heard stories about them making a positive difference and decided to feature this experience on her blog as it parallels her research of healthy work-life cultures.

BringWorktoLife_CoverIn her book, Bring Work to Life, she talks about the importance of creating abundance in work-life, both at the individual level and the organizational level. In her blog post, she writes, “From an organizational perspective, DISHER sets the bar in terms of how they are creating fulfillment for their employees and their customers. Wow. Let us count the ways…”

She then continues to expound upon the ways below in which DISHER creates fulfillment and value:

+ Be Clear

+ Create Abundance

+ Create Inspiration & Identity

+ Be Open & Accountable

+ Fix Mistakes

+ Set Boundaries

+ Take a Risk & Follow Your Dream

+ Contribute to the Community

+ Cultivate the Garden

+Create Policies for the Responsible People

+ Seek Treetop Time

At NeoCon 2015, Tracy was a session speaker on the topic of Work Life. One of the real life examples she used to illustrate the research and principles in her book, Bring Work to Life, was DISHER and our Ripples of Influence. She spoke on DISHER for creating abundance in work life for its employees.

Tracy says in her blog post, “We know from research that purpose is one of the most critical elements for employee engagement and organizational success. DISHER is surely doing purpose right. They are helping people see a big picture – making a positive difference and they are helping people see how they matter to the work and to the organization’s success. And they are making human connections – which is the most important part of purpose.”

You can read Tracy’s post and learn more about her book Bring Work to Life!

Tracy BrowerTracy Brower is a work environment sociologist, author, wife, mother of two, and Global Vice President of Workplace Vitality for Mars Drinks. She studies how people and companies can create abundance, fulfillment, meaning, and vitality in their work. Getting her PhD, MM, and MCR degrees has given her lots of opportunities to learn how much there is to learn. Her blog, Fruition, focuses on workLIFEstories, readersREFLECTIONS, and all things abundant. Her book, Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders and Organizations provides new perspectives on work-life balance and how to create abundance and fulfillment in work and life.