Strategic Vision Mapping with Disher

Attend a Strategic Vision Mapping Workshop

Looking to inspire your team towards unified action and mobilize resources towards a clear and compelling vision?  The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC-West), The Right Place, and DISHER hosted a half-day workshop on July 19th that empowered West Michigan organizations to answer that very question. Organizations ranging from OEM manufacturers to nonprofits participated in this hands-on event that helped them work through their own strategic vision map. MMTC-West and DISHER will be offering additional regional Strategic Vision Mapping Workshops this fall. If your team is interested in participating or you have questions on developing a strategic vision map for your organization, please contact DISHER.

Strategic Vision Mapping is a highly visual planning process that incorporates business strategy, product portfolio planning, and marketing direction. It is relevant for any person or team within any type of organization that wants to make a difference in the purpose of their culture, profitability of their company, and loyalty of their customers. Strategic vision maps enable organizations to collaborate on their objectives, develop foundational systems, and identify any gaps in their strategy to help drive performance.

Dayna Beal, DISHER’s Discovery and Marketing Team Lead, led the interactive workshop. Company team members were guided through a step-by-step development process for their own strategic vision map.

Disher Strategic Vision Map

Beginning with the challenge of articulating WHY their organization exists, each organization worked through a series of questions:

  • HOW are we different?
  • WHAT do we do?
  • HOW do we operate?
  • WHAT do we measure?
  • WHO are the customers WE serve?
  • WHO are the consumers THEY serve?
  • WHERE are consumers going?

Strategic Vision Mapping

What were the results of the workshop? Read a few comments from some of the participants.

“Thanks to the MMTC and DISHER for having us out for a great strategic planning session. It was fun, engaging, and we had a lot of great innovative ideas come out of the meeting.” —John Mulder, Master Finish Company

 “DISHER provided a great opportunity for my company to learn more about strategic planning and vision mapping and how we can meld the two together as our organization works through the strategic planning process. It gave us a hands-on, tangible tool that we were able to walk away with.” —Tracy Amid, Goodwill Industries of Grand Rapids

“I want to thank DISHER for pulling together our session on Vision Mapping. It was very valuable. I felt the investment was definitely beneficial. I’ve been to other seminars where we paid much more and did not get near the benefit.” —Rick VanDis, Rapid-Line

“We expanded our partnership with DISHER in a new workshop we offered called “Vision Mapping”. Vision mapping is a strategic way for companies to look at who they are, who their customers are, and how they can grow their business. The relationship between the Right Place, MMTC, and DISHER has been great over the last few years. This is just one more step in a direction that is going to provide much more support for the community and the manufacturing organizations in West Michigan and make it a more prosperous and better place to live.” —William Small, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC-West)

 “The workshop DISHER facilitated on Vision Mapping was fantastic. They so easily created an environment where all of the participants felt immediately comfortable and able to share what made their companies vulnerable. Participating companies were able to get a lot out of the workshop—it was a great value for them. They were able to get the feedback they needed and bounce ideas off other people who were in similar situations. And everyone had fun… and when people have fun—they learn!” —Justine Burdette, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC-West)

Written By: Kevin Pinner, Business Lead – Disher Business Solutions | Manufacturing Tech Services
Kevin enjoys improving processes – manufacturing or business processes. When he isn’t doing that, he enjoys playing soccer, running, mountain biking, and driving old sports cars. Kevin has a BS in Industrial Management and MBA in Finance. Kevin leads the Disher Manufacturing Tech Services and Disher Business Solutions Teams.