Disher was honored this past week to receive the Business Leadership Award from the West Coast Chamber of Commerce

Business Leadership Award

Jeff Disher received the award on Friday, September 18th at the chamber’s annual meeting. Below are his remarks:

“What an honor it is to be recognized for what this award stands for. On behalf of our team and our company I just want to say thanks to the Chamber and the committee that put time and effort into making the selections.

Our company has a mission statement that is “make a positive difference.” It’s real simple, something that our team works really hard at every day. They do a great job of it. The cool thing is that so much of what we have learned and put into place in our organization operationally and culturally comes from things we’ve learned from other businesses in this community. Thank you to those businesses that have helped us be better, and hopefully in return we can help others be better as well.

Finally I think the biggest thanks goes to our team and our company. They are amazing, they have great attitudes, they work hard serving our clients and their fellow employees and giving back to this community. Every day I get to work with these people, it’s a lot of fun. Great place to work. We are going to continue working hard and making this community a better place. Thank you again so much for this award, we really appreciate it.”

It truly is an honor to be recognized as a business leader and from the Disher team we say: THANK YOU!