“ASK DISHER” Resource Now Available

DISHER—an innovative engineering, manufacturing, and talent solutions firm based in Zeeland, Michigan, is providing free and fast answers to technical questions submitted from organizations throughout West Michigan, Kalamazoo, and Indiana through their “ASK DISHER” network. The DISHER team is committed to making a positive difference by helping any company or nonprofit quickly access the information they might need to keep moving forward. Organizations simply go to disherdev.wpengine.com/ask to submit their no-strings-attached question.

“We have been using ‘ASK DISHER’ for years internally,” explains Dayna Beal – a Business Leader of innovation at DISHER. “When a team member is stuck with a technical issue or needs a recommendation for a project, he/she simply emails the question to our internal network of engineers and technical experts. Within an hour or so, the questioner receives ideas, solutions, or connections to help them get unstuck. We are now happy to offer this externally to any local organization to stimulate their progress.”

Ask Disher - Fast free technical advice

The DISHER team of over 100 experts will do their best to respond to questions within a few hours. They will also poll their broad network of vendors and other specialists if needed. The types of questions may relate to product development, process changes, or new vendors for engineering, manufacturing, innovation, or talent challenges. Here’s what a recent beneficiary of ASK DISHER had to say:

“DISHER was very helpful in providing sources for one of the key commercial components of our design which is helping us quickly expedite our emergency ventilator kit solution.”  Hasib Ikramullah, Co-Founder & Managing Partner | Rapids Venture

DISHER is equipped to respond to a variety of technical questions such as:

+ How can I convert my product line to make parts for ventilators?

+ Do you know of any company utilizing UV light for sanitizing instruments?

+ Do you have a recommendation for sheet metal suppliers or vibration testers?

+ What tooling and injection molding vendors are good in this area?

+ Who could make a low-fidelity prototype for me?

+ Do you know anyone who does small batch, liquid-silicone prototyping?

+ How do I source technical talent in a tight market?

+ What virtual project management tools are good for managing timelines and tasks and providing easy collaboration and editing?

+ How do I set-up my shop floor for greatest efficiency?

+ What version of Creo do you recommend?

“We want to help organizations in any way we can as they look to solve new problems in new ways,” reiterates Jeff Disher. “ ‘ASK DISHER’ is one small way we can offer our knowledge and make a positive difference together.”

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