I’ve had the honor to work on the DISHER Talent Solutions team and hire candidates for our internal team for over five years now. Finding candidates, walking them through the interview process, celebrating their job offer, and growing with them as colleagues has been a privilege. It’s also been an amazing learning opportunity!

The most impactful take-away revolves around hiring for the long game.

Most hiring professionals do a thorough job in the search, interview, and hiring process. But I’m talking about all the groundwork that needs to be laid before you even open the job.

Here are five things I’ve seen DISHER do that are foundational to hiring a team of culture builders who will stick around.  

1. Communicate a Clear Mission.

From the beginning, Jeff Disher established that Make a Positive Difference was our purpose. It has remained in front of our team as a collective goal for all of us to chase after. Every company has a driving force. For some, it’s growth or profit while others prioritize investment in their team or community. Whatever your company is pursuing, make it clear. That way, culture-enhancing candidates can invest in your company and its purpose right from the start.

A man stands in front of a group talking about how to Start with Why
A DISHER employees shares why it’s important for an organization to know it’s “why”.

2. Be Authentic.

Marketing campaigns and employee brand strategies serve their purpose and are necessary assets to your hiring process. But if your claims of “flexible work hours”, “family friendly”, and “passionate about seeing our team succeed” aren’t authentic, candidates will sniff this out from a mile away. When job postings and marketing campaigns are based on trends and aren’t genuine, you lose people.

Our team is intentional about attracting our candidates with our actual benefits and cultural practices upfront. It might not be the best match for everyone, but you’re setting your team and company up for success in the long run instead of hoodwinking someone into a job that doesn’t match reality.

3. Show Up.

There is something to be said about being present. Whether it’s a chamber meeting, networking event, or community fundraiser. Our passionate DISHER teammates show up. Our growing team divides and conquers in an incredible, collaborative way.

When you have a small army building relationships and investing in our community, it makes an impact. The conversations, recommendations, and referrals that come from our team make our ability to hire great teammates significantly stronger.

A group of DISHER employees at an event
A group of DISHER employees attend a community event together.

4. Invest your Time.

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Over the years, I’ve seen DISHER as an entity along with our individual teammates invest generously in others. This might look like a whiteboard session for a local nonprofit, a culture tour to share our mission and space, mentoring for a robotics team, or an engineer opening their day for a student to job shadow. Each intentional investment strengthens and deepens relationships for the long term.

DISHER employee smiles as he packs hygiene bags for a stewardship projects

5. Have the Right People in Place.

Your team make all the difference. I’ve seen the domino effect. When we hire great people—we attract more great people. When you hire passionate teammates who resonate with your mission and genuine culture, they are easier to retain for the long haul. And when you nurture a team that shows up, gets involved, and pours into others—people take notice.

Let us know if you need any help building your dream team. The DISHER Talent Solutions team welcomes the opportunity to come alongside your team with practical tools, techniques, and experience to attract and retain the best talent for a thriving culture, increased performance, and sustainability.