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Increase retention by 1.6X & reduce turnover by 50%. Our proven recruiting process focuses on finding top talent with the right culture fit as much as skillset.

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Find, Vet, and Hire Top Talent

We partner with you to find, vet, and hire the best engineers and technical talent for your organization.

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Why Trust DISHER Talent Solutions?

Transparent Reporting

We provide weekly reports and check-ins to ensure we are on track. Your team gets to know exactly who we are sourcing and where your recruiting funnel is at.

Higher Retention

Increase retention by 1.6X and reduce turnover by 50% with our holistic recruitment approach.

Reduced Cost

Earn long-term savings of up to 25% per hire verses traditional recruiting. Our customers receive 3-4X more value with our best-practice processes.

Scaleable and Flexible

Tap into DISHER when and where you need us. We can integrate with your team onsite or offsite. You can hire one DISHER talent specialist or an entire recruiting team. Our services are on-demand—so you only pay for what you need.

Aiden Quote

“There is not a recruiting partner that works as hard as DISHER to ensure their client is a true partner.”

Russ H. | JR Automation

Our Capabilities

What talent gaps are you facing? Our team can help your staff attract, vet, and hire the engineer(s) or technical expert(s) you need to build your team and grow as an organization.

We help organizations hire for engineering, technical roles, leadership talent, human resources talent, and more.


Needs Assessments: Take surveys and assessment tools to gauge your talent strategy, hiring/staffing gaps, leadership, and workplace culture.

Long-term Talent Strategy Development: Strengthen your entire employee engagement value stream.

Compensation Analysis & Offer Management: Get market driven data on compensation to make informed decisions on compensation and offer packages.

As a nationally recognized Great Place to Work, DISHER can consult with your team on how to build a healthy company culture. 

We help you enhance every touchpoint in the employee experience, and craft meaningful content that will boost your brand image in the marketplace.


The DISHER Talent Solutions team offers a variety of training modules to nurture growth within your HR team.

  • Recruiting
  • Sourcing (Digital Recruitment Optimization)
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding
  • Legal Hiring Advisement
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true partner who cares about your success for the long haul

  • We invest the time getting to know you, your culture, and your goals.
  • We act as an extension of your HR or TA team.
  • We can own as much or as little of the recruiting function, from full-cycle recruitment to project based.
  • We deliver value-added services to reduce your recruitment spending.
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