Design Constraints Graphic

Design Constraints Open the Door to Innovation

What Are Design Constraints? Product design constraints are limitations, rules, or boundaries on the design of a product. Examples of constraints could be a budget, a brand guideline, or a legal restriction. The word “constraint” definitely has a negative connotation. Some...
Two Engineers Looking at a Computer

The Goal of Value Engineering and Value Analysis

The Difference Between Value Analysis and Value Engineering Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) are systematic processes that optimize the value of a product or service by lowering costs and increasing benefits. Value Engineering is applied at the beginning of the...

New Product Front-End Design Process in 12 Steps

What is the Front-End Engineering Design Process? For new product development, the front-end engineering design process helps organizations create, vet, and develop the best ideas. Several refer to this as the Fuzzy Front End of product development because it is often...
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4 Trends from Neocon 2022

NeoCon is back in full force this year, showcasing the newest and best commercial furniture products on the market, and DISHER was there to soak it all in. Designers, manufacturers, architects, students, and more gathered in The Mart in downtown...
Embracing Coopetition

The Value of Partnerships & Coopetition

We have all heard the phrase, "You can't do it all," or "You can't do all of the things, all of the time." That same idea applies to businesses and companies. Even a giant company like GM cannot do it...