New Product Market Research

Global Producer of Pneumatic Devices

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Problem Statement

The customer partnered with DISHER to determine the market potential of three new medical devices through EPIC research which includes immersive market research, analysis, and ranked comparison.

Primary & Secondary Research

DISHER researchers did extensive benchmarking, trend analysis, interviewing, and live interaction to capture not only data but behaviors, emotions, and cognitive perceptions on three different products.

EPIC Data Analysis

After gathering in-depth research, DISHER organized it into themes and categories with our EPIC Decision Diamond® format. The information was placed into four categories: Economic Events, Production Partnerships, Industry Insights, and Competitive Comparison. Each category was analyzed and ranked for all three devices. Total scores were calculated, and specific recommendations were made to our customer’s executive team to determine the next steps for their strategic investments.

Confident Product Strategy

Our customer was able to make informed GO/NO-GO decisions on all three medical devices which resulted in a new division and three new product lines. As an additional service, DISHER created brand guidelines and marketing materials for a successful pre-market launch that generated $10 million.